Holganix Agriculture Product

Holganix is the Natural Path

Looking for a way to optimize your crop yield and reduce chemical dependence? Holganix is a 100% natural bionutritional product that promotes strong plant health and sustainable soils while reducing the need for traditional fertilizers and pesticides. That means better produce with minimal environmental impact.

Healthier Crops the Holganix Way

Our patent-pending formula begins with a proprietary compost tea that sets Holganix apart from the competition. We then layer in a variety of microorganisms and organic components that benefit your crops, such as:

1. Humic and fulvic acids to increase nutrient uptake

2. Endo/ecto mycorrhizae to assist roots with nutrient and water uptake

3. Nitrogen Fixing bacteria to produce plant available nitrogen from the soil atmosphere 

4. Other beneficial bacteria and fungi that assist in the               breakdown of organic matter releasing nitrogen to the soil 

These vital ingredients and more work together to naturally promote strong crop development and optimize harvest yields. More importantly, since Holganix reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, you can rest assured that you're providing healthy, safe produce for your customers.

Easy Application

The following recommended application rates and suggested techniques make working Holganix into your crop cycle easy and painless.

Garden vegetables:

1. Mix 0.85 gallons of Holganix with 64 gallons of water per acre

2. Saturate soil and foliage

3. Hyper inoculation is recommended for first time application at a rate of 1.7 gallons for Holganix with 64 gallons of water


1. First time application: 2.4 gallons combined with 64 gallons of water in row

2. Remaining applications: 0.85 gallons combined with 64 gallons of water; apply as foliar and soil drench


Note: Can be applied as foliar disease and insect suppressant

Rate: 1.25 gallons in 100 gallons of water, cover foliar, spray until dripping

What Products are compatible with Holganix?

With Holganix you are able to utilize less inputs with effective results. For a list of compatible products and recommended rates please visit our compatibility page.