About Holganix

We have dedicated our company to the understanding of soil science, exploring the soil food web and soil microorganisms to pioneer plant probiotics and bionutritional plant products.

The Holganix Research and Development Team consists of scientists with patents and works with teams of scientific advisors and university researchers to validate and optimize Holganix technology.

Holganix products are field and lab tested, for proven and reliable results in plant performance. University studies have researched and validated Holganix's performance advantage. Holganix products have been tested in the field by organic farmers, top tier PGA golf courses, professional sports fields and some of the world’s largest lawn care companies. DNA fingerprinting is implemented during the production of Holganix Bio 800+ to ensure product consistency.

Our scientific advisory board includes experts like Purdue Professor, Dr. Cale Bigelow and Muirfield Village Golf Club Director of Grounds Operations, Paul B. Latshaw.


Holganix Core Values

>>Passion for Possibilities

>>Inspired, Positive and Grateful

>>Community Building

>>Evolution and Revolution

>>Sustainable Growth of Plants, Businesses and People


Our Greater Greener Goal

By using Holganix products, you are nourishing the soil and stimulating roots, ultimately making turf greener and the Earth cleaner. Holganix recognizes the role that nitrogen and phosphorous runoff plays in the creation of harmful marine deadzones.

In order to combat the effect nitrates, phosphates and pesticides play on the environment, Holganix has pledged to eliminate the following by Earth Day 2020:

>>100,000,000 pounds of nitrates

>>100,000,000 pounds of phosphates

>>25,000,000 ounces of concentrated pesticides

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