Behind the Science of Holganix: Green Lawns in the Summer

Behind the Science of Holganix

Entry twenty-four: Green Lawns in the Summer 


Take a drive through some of the neighborhoods you are servicing. With the hot summer months, maintaining that green coloring that your customers desire can be tough. More often than not, a beautiful lush green lawn turns into a crispy brown carpet from the summer weather. If it were the spring or the fall, you wouldn’t hesitate to sprinkle down a little nitrogen to wake that lawn up, but in the summer, high doses of nitrogen fertilizer can lead to burning and only make the situation worse. One thing you can do to keep your anxious customers happy is by applying a bionutritional product or a compost tea.

Many of these tools are primed for fighting off summer diseases and insects, building tolerance to drought and enhancing the green coloring. Holganix, a refined compost tea and biological meta catalyst, achieves these amazing results because it creates an environment for nitrogen fixing bacteria to exist! How does this happen?

1. Nitrogen fixing bacteria gather and collect nitrogen from the atmosphere and soil. The nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert the nitrogen from an unavailable form called nitrite into an available form called nitrogen so that the plant can utilize it for chlorophyll production.

2. Other organisms in the soil such as fungi, nematodes and ameba  destroy nitrogen fixing bacteria, which also releases nitrogen in an available form in the plant. Without this function, all elements for plants are tied up and unavailable.

Holganix also does not have the burn potential like traditional products. In addition it contains yucca extract, which is a natural wetting agent. The great thing about yucca extract is that it helps keep the moisture in the soil closer to the roots allowing less water to evaporate.

When it comes to green coloring in the warm summer months, the key is creating an environment for nitrogen fixing bacteria. Without it, green coloring is a near impossible goal to achieve. So next time you drive through some of your clients’ neighborhoods or get an angry phone call about brown grass, consider putting down a product like Holganix before the summer to help combat summer time dilemmas.


P.S. Lawn care companies, feel free to steal this letter from us explaining how your company can help make your customers' lawns green in the summer.  

Posted by Nicole Wise on Jul 26, 2012 5:11:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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