The Science Behind Holganix: Get the No Crab Grass Dream

The Science Behind Holganix

Get the No Crab Grass Dream with Mycorrhizae and Gluten


Last spring, as crab grass began to bloom and phone calls started pouring in, Cody Mull, owner of Legacy Lawn Care, was relieved to see that he wasn’t getting many crab grass concerns from long-term Holganix users. In fact, when he went out to see a particular customer’s lawn later in the season, he noticed that there was no evidence of crab grass present. Although Mull had personally laid down pre-emergents in conjunction with Holganix Lawn product, he accredits the lack of crab grass to the use of Holganix. Over the last three years, this customer had been utilizing Holganix Lawn product. Short-term benefits of Holganix attracted Mull to the Holganix product, but now he could see one of the long-term benefits with his very own eyes. After three years of regular use on the homeowner’s lawn, the lawn with the help of Holganix and a reduced amount of pre-emergent was building up its suppression to crab grass.

How did Holganix help build suppression of crab grass in the lawn? Holganix contains several ingredients that help naturally fight off weeds. One key ingredient that helps is a beneficial fungus called mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae help develop a thick, web-like root system in the turf that crowds out the crab grass. The best defense against weeds is to have a thick, web-like root system so there is no space for weeds to germinate. Another key ingredient is gluten. The corn gluten present in Holganix acts as a pre-emergent enhancer, allowing your pre-emergents to work better, faster and with longer-lasting results.

For more information on how Holganix can help you effectively control weeds, visit this former blog entry or check out our website. Stay tuned for our next article in the Holganix Blog or subscribe and we’ll send you updates automatically.



Posted by Nicole Wise on Jan 10, 2013 8:45:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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