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Meet Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow!

Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix: A carbon based fertility option

Something special happens every time Holganix joins forces with another amazing turf care product. This is especially true when you introduce living, breathing Holganix with the organic matter- filled Healthy Grow by Pearl Valley Farms.

Over the past 18 years, Pearl Valley Farms has perfected the art and science of composting and manufacturing Healthy Grow by adopting the philosophy, “The Way It’s Made Matters.”

That’s why Holganix has partnered with Pearl Valley Farms to produce Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix. This granular fertilizer comes in several different analysis and can be fully organic or a hybrid (organic with some synthetic nutrients) depending on the analysis.



What is Healthy Grow?

Healthy Grow is a granular, organic based fertilizer created from egg laying poultry manure. H

ealthy Grow has an ACCM (Aerobically Composted Chicken Manure) base, which means the manure is aerobically composted over a 45 – 60 day period. After composting, it is further processed with other organic and traditional ingredients to create a nutrient rich, biological, and user-friendly fertilizer. Ultimately, this means Healthy Grow isn’t pasteurized (doesn’t inhibit living biology) and the smell associated with manure-based fertilizers is kept in check.

What else is so special about Healthy Grow? Healthy Grow is packed with organic matter containing carbon sources.


Organic matter contains carbon and other nutrients

Organic matter is dead and decomposing plant and animal matter within the soil.

When in excess, organic matter produces thatch layers that hinder growth at the surface and black layers that strangle and limit root growth below the surface. Yet, because organic matter contains a carbon source, it remains critical in helping to produce a vibrant soil ecosystem. Organic matter and soil contain nutrients and micronutrients important to plant health, but are often locked in a form that can’t be utilized by the plant. Carbon is a food source for microorganisms.

Ultimately, the microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc…) eat the carbon, which allows them to convert nitrogen and other nutrients locked in organic matter and elsewhere in the soil, to plant-useable forms. 

Take nitrogen as an example of a locked nutrient found in organic matter. Aerobic, heterotrophic bacteria are responsible for decomposition and mineralization. These bacteria help to decompose the plant remains and turn nitrogen that was locked within the organic matter into ammonium (NH4+), which is a plant-usable form of nitrogen.

The same can be said for phosphorus (PO42-), potassium (K+), as well as every other plant-usable form of nutrients necessary for plant growth.

Often when we look at our turf programs, we focus on nitrogen as a key element.

While nitrogen is crucial, the key question is: How much urea do we need to put down to make the grass green while still being cost effective? 

The thing to keep in mind is that nitrogen is just one piece of the puzzle. Phosphorus, potassium, calcium and certain other micronutrients are also pieces of the puzzle.

However, because the microbiology within the soil is able to eat the carbon found in organic matter and then unlock nutrients, carbon supplies many different pieces of the soil environment puzzle, not just one.

Healthy Grow contains all the wonderful aspects obtained from having an organic matter and carbon source base. At the same time, the poultry base contains small doses of naturally occurring NPK!


What happens when Healthy Grow meets Holganix?

Holganix is a 100% organic, bionutritional product teeming with living microorganisms whose job is to naturally promote plant health. Other ingredients contained within Holganix include but are not limited to: endo and ecto mycorrhizae, beneficial nematodes, meleluca oil, yucca and kelp extract as well as humic and fulvic acids.

With Holganix, plants grow beneath the soil in addition to above it.

“Highway” systems of roots dig deeper and weave between one another, creating the perfect support system for the plant. With healthier root systems, plants are better able to uptake moisture and withstand environmental stresses like drought and winter injury.

At the same time, with Holganix you’re feeding the plant and the soil, because when you have a healthy soil environment you have a healthy plant. That means your plants need up to 75% less nitrogen fertilizers and 25% less pesticides than through traditional synthetic programs.

When you combine Holganix with Healthy Grow, it’s like giving Healthy Grow Red Bull and as the saying goes, Healthy Grow “gets wings” and results are amplified.

Not only do you get the benefit of adding a carbon source to your roster of turf products, but you also get all the holistic benefits contained in a jug of Holganix.

Healthy Grow provides the carbon sources (food sources) to the living biology within Holganix. The beneficial microorganisms then go to work converting locked nutrients in the soil and organic matter into plant useable forms.


What does Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix mean for you?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to achieving an effective and sustainable way to manage turf grass. The Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix program can be marketed as an organic based program.

Furthermore, because Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix has 180 and 90 SGN options, it won’t affect play on fairways, approaches or putting greens.

Overall, a carbon-based, living bionutritional fertility program allows professionals to return nature back to their properties and provides a more sustainable solution for the unpredictable future of the green industry. 

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Holganix Case Study: Better for the turf and the students


"It all started when The State University of New York at Fredonia started creating programs campus-wide to involve less chemicals and more organic products. That program involves everything from cleaning products to the way we care for our plants and turf," says Head Grounds Supervisor Richard Newton of his search for organic turf products.

Holganix caught his eye because it allowed Newton to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizer use on campus grounds and fields.

Holganix is a 100% organic, bionutritional turf and plant fertility product that allows fertilizer users like Newton to drastically reduce their synthetic inputs (pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers). It functions like a probiotic, naturally building up the plant to promote growth and better withstand insects and disease. 

So far, Newton reports that the increased, "root growth we have seen has not only caused the turf to absorb more nutrients, thereby cutting down on waste and runoff, but also allowed us to cut down on our chemical fertilizer use by 20% this first year alone." Root growth has increased by 2+ inches and some root systems exceed 6 inches in total length.


"There have been many benefits to using Holganix," says Newton. Color has been great, even with the reduction in nitrogen fertilizer and turf plant and root density has improved. Furthermore, despite a long history of suffering from leaf spot, that too has been more easily controlled.

The soccer field is sand-based and features 100% blue grass turf. With the start of soccer season, Newton reports that they have had great results with color and wear tolerance. The softball and baseball fields have been maintained with a 50% reduction in inputs.

Newton started the Holganix program with a one-time application of 14 ounces per 1,000 square feet of Holganix in early spring. Following the initial application, Newton and his team have applied two applications of 7 ounces per 1,000 square feet each. "It was nice to be presented with the opportunity to use Holganix by our friends at Lakeside Sod [a New York-based distributor of Holganix products]," says Newton.

"While we are primarily using the product on our athletic fields, we've also used Holganix on high visible and well-trafficked areas around the campus," says Newton. "There has been an easily noticeable improvement in color and density of the grass."

Newton isn't the only one that's excited about the performance of Holganix on the turf. According to Senior Athletics Groundskeeper Brent Kawski, "The coloring and root growth are phenomenal. I look forward to seeing what the turf looks like in the spring and next summer, after having a full year of the product at work on the field."

Ultimately, turf performance isn't the only thing that matters to Newton. "As Head Grounds Supervisor, my role is not to just look at the quality of the grass on the playing field, but also to look at what I am subjecting students to, as far as chemicals, and also to make sure that our turf maintenance dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible. From what I have seen so far of Holganix, I think the product fits all those needs in the best possible way."

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"The fields are looking and playing better than ever!"


sports turf

In 2011, Friends Academy, a Quaker school in Locust Valley, New York was one of many schools to get hit by “The Child Safe Playing Fields Act” which banned pesticide use on school fields. “It changed the way we were keeping our turf strong and healthy,” says Chris Semlies, Facility Director of Friends Academy. “We looked at lots of different organic options but they were expensive.”

That’s when he stumbled across Holganix, a 100% organic, bionutritional plant and turf fertility product. Holganix allows you to effectively utilize 75% less synethetic inputs while still achieving optimal plant health. For Semlies, Holganix was more cost effective than other organics and gave a broader range of benefits – promoting plant health and growth. In turn, healthier plants are better able to suppress insect and disease.

“We are not only complying with the law, but we are doing a more effective job at building a healthy, strong and resilient turf while fulfilling a core Quaker value: being good stewards to the environment.”

Semlies reports that he’s seen a definite difference in using Holganix on his turf. The turf has been healthier and better able to withstand foot traffic. The roots have also been significantly deeper.

“The best part is,” says Semlies, “multiple coaches say their fields are looking and playing better than ever before. All of this is possible while limiting our environmental footprint and providing healthier playing conditions for students.”

Holganix entered the Long Island market in 2013 and already 22 local golf courses have made Holganix part of their annual program. Nassau Suffolk Turf Services is the sole distributor in the Long Island market. “We cautiously introduced Holganix to the long Island Golf community in 2013,” says Bob Mele, CEO and Founder of Nassau Suffolk Turf Services.

“The results seen on golf courses were eye opening,” affirms Bob. Traditionally in turf care, organic fertilizers have been inferior to synthetics and have cost turf professionals an arm and a leg. Mele believes that modern day bionutritional products defy this stereotype. University studies and customer case studies back Mele’s belief.

“Bionutritional products like Holganix are about maximizing the effect we have on turf health,” says Barrett Ersek, CEO of Holganix. At the same time, Holganix allows landscapers and other turf professionals to shift to a more organic approach to turf health.

“It’s not only good for the environment and escape strict government regulations, but it also allows landscapers to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering something to their customers that no one else has.”

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Holganix Case Studies: It’s biology, not chemistry!

Holganix case studies

It’s biology, not chemistry

Martin Kaufman   Pure Green“It smells good? That wasn’t reason enough for me to start using Holganix,” says Martin Kaufman, the sports turf manager for Pure Green in Franklin, Tennessee. Holganix may smell like a glazed donut or a Sam Adams beer, but “it took me a while to warm up to the idea of Holganix,” admits Kaufman. “I needed to understand the science behind Holganix before jumping on the bandwagon.”

“Traditionally, treating turf has been all about chemistry,” says Kaufman. Turf professionals have been focused on adding more nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium; they’ve been ignoring the biology. “On the other hand, Holganix is all about the biology. The thing is,” explains Kaufman, “chemistry doesn’t happen without biology.” A healthy and balanced soil food web, aided with biology, allows the chemistry (your inputs) to become more efficient. Ultimately, this means that fertilizer users can reduce their use of synthetic fertilizers.

“I started to realize that the soil biology, those organisms that make up the soil food web, is so much more efficient than I am at creating healthy turf. After all, building a healthy soil environment and increasing plant health is what they are made to do!” It was by understanding the relationship between biology and turf that made Kaufman realize that Holganix made sense for plant and turf health. “Holganix is about getting back to the basics.”

As Pure Green’s sports turf manager, Kaufman works with high school, college and state fields to help get the turf in shape. While a lot of these fields have their own managers, Kaufman works as their consultant to try and pin down turf problems. He also helps work on the fields when managers don’t have the necessary equipment.

Kaufman grew up in a family of farmers and always had a deep passion for plant health. He studied turf management at Ohio State University, and afterwards he worked at several golf courses and sports fields including the Carolina Panthers and the Tennessee Titans (another Holganix user) before becoming the Sports Turf Manager for Pure Green.

With Holganix, Kaufman has been able to get the same results with less nitrogen fertilizer. “It goes back to the efficiencies of your inputs,” says Kaufman.

“I think that products like Holganix are the future for our industry,” states Kaufman. “Products like Holganix work, are a heck of a lot safer and help appease the inefficiencies of fertilizers and government regulations. It’s about being more efficient and more effective and Holganix helps with that.”

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