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Getting your homeowners prepared for summer weather can be tough, especially since customers have high expectation for their landscapes and little knowledge on how to properly care for them.  Download the Summer Weather In A Box to help educate summer weather landscape care to your homeowners. 

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Grow Your lawn & Landscape Company in the Summer

Are you looking to grow your lawn and landscape company this summer? Check out our 5.5 minute video featuring a discussion with Barrett Ersek on different marketing and sales strategies you should implement to grow your business in the summer. 

Some suggestions include, cross-selling valuable services, up-selling current customers with aeration and overseeding applications and more.

Summer Marketing Support Tools By Holganix

aeration and overseeding

Holganix Aeration Marketing Box

Need some help marketing your aeration and overseeding services to better upsell current customers? Aeration and overseeding is a great high margin service to add to your portfolio of services. Download this digital box of tools for help communicating summer weather landscape care to your homeowners.

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lawn and landscape brochure

Holganix Homeowner Brochure

This brochure is a great introduction piece to discuss why your company is different because you use Holganix products. It is designed to fit in an ordinary-sized envelope and can be customizable for your business. Just provide your company information and any additional alterations and our graphic designer will complete the project for you. All you have to do is hit print!

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tree and shrub book

How To Add A Tree & Shrub Services Ebook

Did you know that 10-to-30% of your current customer would sign up for a tree and shrub service? Adding a tree and shrub service is like new found money! Download our eBook to learn how to market the service, how to price the applications, and a list of materials to help you get started.

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