With GIE+EXPO and The Bionutritional Summit, October is always the most exciting and busiest time of the year in our industry.
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Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
With GIE+EXPO and The Bionutritional Summit, October is always the most exciting and busiest time of the year in our industry. As we grow our business, education becomes more and more important. That's one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about The Bionutritional Summit. It provides LAWNtrepreneurs and their teams the opportunity to learn and put those lessons into practice. Check out our video above on The Bionutritional Summit for more information!
Do you really know what's on your profit and loss statement? Free webinar!
Numbers are rarely if ever an entrepreneur's favorite topic. But by focusing and understanding your numbers, especially those on your P&L you are able to understand the driving metrics in your business. Why does this matter? By understanding the driving metrics you can better make decisions on where to spend money and where to cut costs. The results are an increase in profit margin and who doesn't like that? At the end of the day, you may think you understand your P&L but have you dug into the dirty details and can you influence those key metrics? This webinar is hosted by Holganix CEO, Barrett Ersek.
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Profit and loss statement
“I know when stuff works and when stuff doesn’t...”

“If you’ve got a healthier plant; you’ve got a better situation overall,” states Ray Cuzzone, Director of Landscape Services at Mountain Lake Corporation, a private home community nestled in Lake Wales, Florida. To Cuzzone, a healthier plant means better drought, disease and insect resistance. “Your goal as a landscaper is to build up the plant’s health as much as possible.” At the end of the day, Cuzzone believes Holganix is the ticket to building up plant strength naturally. Click the Read More button below to learn about Cuzzone's experiences with Holganix. 

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seed germination
Are you ready? The Bionutritional Summit is just around the corner!

Just like a machine that produces a car, imagine dumping marketing stuff – post cards, advertising etc, and then suddenly your sales pop out of the machine ready to do business? This machine, called the marketing machine by marketing guru Eric Keiles, does exist. Curious to know more? Eric has been announced as our keynote presenter at this year's Bionutritional Summit! Click the "Read More" to get a sneak peak at the marketing machine before The Summit.

marketing lawn care
Bionutritional Summit
Can you beat these roots?

Can you beat this nearly 14 inch long root? These roots belong to a test plot of Chalet Landscaping in Chicago, Illinois.

The lawn care winner of the Holganix Roots For You competition receives a $500 cash prize as well as a $500 donation made in their name to PLANET. Submit your photos on social media or email them to kersek@holganix.com. Click the Read More button below to learn more about the competition details.

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Turf roots
Free eBook: "Turf Roots Technical Report"

In this report, we’ll explore different roles roots play and their symbiotic relationship with the plant and soil: 

1. Root hairs - a neglected but important aspect of the root

2. Roots - the food delivery system

3. Sustainability - the part roots play in sustainability in the environment

Download the ebook now!