Holganix Helps Reduce Your Inventory And Avoid Waste.

Why Refrigeration?

Holganix contains trillions of living, beneficial microorganisms. In order to sustain the vivaciousness of the product, refrigeration is needed for long-term shelf life. If left at room temperature for an extended period (36 hours) of time, you will lose some of the benefits of Holganix. On the other hand, refrigeration options provided by Holganix have several additional benefits that will help you do your job better. Check out section below and the RAD system for more information.


Refrigeration Helps Reduces Your Inventory and Avoid Waste

FridgeInstead of ½ of a tractor-trailer of traditional bagged fertilizer, Holganix uses the space of about one refrigerator. That’s a huge reduction of valuable warehouse space! Holganix can be made and shipped just in time, so you can order it when you need it, and never worry about over ordering. Plus, Holganix is non-flammable, so it’s safer to store.


Because Holganix helps your current fertilizer product work more effectively, you’ll only need to use (and stock) 1/8 the amount of fertilizer. You’ll have more valuable space available for inventory.

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