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Holganix video
Barrett ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Greenbrier Golf and Country Club boasts a 7,754-yard championship course, expertly maintained by superintendent Jonathan Doyle and his team. Overall, Holganix “has provided us with increased recovery time, healing in as well as improved plant health and aerification.” Watch the video above to hear more about Jonathan's experience with Holganix.
Early Order Program
Have you heard about the Holganix early order program (EOP)? Signing up for the early order program could mean big savings for your course. Be sure to contact your local Holganix distributor for details.
Early order program
Can you beat these roots?
Superintendent Kenton from Lake Windsor Golf Club in Wisconsin says their 7.5 inch roots on greens with Holganix has been routine all year! What do your roots look like? Submit your root pictures on social media or email them to Kaity at The winner will recieve a $500 cash prize and a $500 donation made in their name to the Environmental Institute For Golf - GCSAA's nonprofit organization. We can't wait to see all of your fantastic looking roots!
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turf roots
Free eBook: "Turf Roots Technical Report"

In this report, we’ll explore different roles roots play and their symbiotic relationship with the plant and soil: 

1. Root hairs - a neglected but important aspect of the root

2. Roots - the food delivery system

3. Sustainability - the part roots play in sustainability in the environment

Download the ebook now!