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Holganix video
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Congratulations to Chalet Nursery for winning this year's root competition with their 14.5 inch root! Chalet won a $500 cash prize and a $500 donation made in their name to PLANET. Watch the video above to hear all about Chalet's Holganix experience!
Webinar: What does 2015 mean for your business?
What does 2015 really mean for your business? What does the competition look like? What are the opportunities in the market? Preparing a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is a crucial step in mapping your company's projections for the New Year. Have you done yours yet? If not, here's the opportunity to go over the SWOT analysis for your company. The threat? Not capitalizing on 2015 growth. And what could be worse than that? Make the SWOT analysis your strength not your weakness. This webinar is scheduled for December 18, 2014.
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Profit and loss statement
Bionutritional Summit Recap: Is your company remarkable?

Everyone believes their business is special. After all, it's their creation - their baby. But is it remarkable? Eric Keiles the keynote speaker from the Bionutritional Summit says YES - but you have to show your customers WHYIn order to truly dial into your company's remarkability, business owners should asnwer 4 questions:

1. What is your target market? Really get to know your customers - and what is important to them. Don't just assume you know your customers by sterotyping through demographics. Talk to them!

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Bionutritional Summit
Get out of the rat race

In his Editor’s Insight this month, Chuck Bowen of Lawn and Landscape warned companies to steer clear of the rat race – or the race to offer the lowest price possible in order to capture market share. A lot of the time, we are so manically focused on obtaining new customers, that we offer impossible-to-fulfill promises and forget to look back at the numbers and whether or not those promises are sustainable.

The academics like to call the rat race the Cost Leadership Strategy after Michael Porters’ Harvard Business Review article, What is Strategy?. It’s the strategy few can afford; where companies offer the lowest price possible to beat the competition. Think of Walmart and their “Always low prices... always!” slogan. No one can beat Walmart on price, but can you run a sustainable business on Walmart pricing? What's the solution? Click the read more button below to read the full story.

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lawn care
Free eBook: "Turf Roots Technical Report"

In this report, we’ll explore different roles roots play and their symbiotic relationship with the plant and soil: 

1. Root hairs - a neglected but important aspect of the root

2. Roots - the food delivery system

3. Sustainability - the part roots play in sustainability in the environment

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