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Barrett Ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Taking a probiotic approach to turf and plant care boosts plant health naturally by balancing the good, bad and benign soil microorganisms. Stronger, healthier plants means less disease and weather stress issues. That's key this time of the year! Watch my video above to learn more about what it means to take a probiotic approach.
Day of Growth

Last week, Holganix employees Chris and Kaitlyn volunteered at Muirfield Village Golf Club to assist with preparations for their 40th Annual Memorial Tournament. Check out their video where Chris and Kaity, under the direction of Muirfield’s Horticulturist, Tim Hollowell CGCS, perform a Holganix-rich root drench prior to planting annuals and perennials that will line the exquisite course.

A big thank you from the Holganix team to everyone at Muirfield Village for giving Chris and Kaitlyn the chance to get an insider's perspective of the golf world and the meticulous tournament preparation. Good luck to the entire Muirfield team this week! We all know you are working hard! Be sure to watch the Memorial Tournament live next week on The Golf Channel or CBS. 

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Memorial Tournament
Webinar: Digging into the soil food web

Within the natural world, there exists a complex balance among living organisms known as the “food web.” Plants, animals and microorganisms are all instruments in an orchestra; each plays a crucial part in the natural symphony of life. If even one of the players is out of tune, the whole soil food web suffers. However, when everything is in order, the results are beautiful. In this webinar, we’ll explore different parts of the natural symphony of the soil including:

1. Beneficial Microorganisms

2. The Soil Food Web

3. Soil Foundation Types

This webinar is scheduled for June 16 at 2:00 PM EST and is hosted by Holganix's Director of Soil Sciences, Dr. Bob. 

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organic fertilizer
Bionutritional Summit: Focusing On Culture
We are super excited to announce that this year's Bionutritional Summit theme will be company culture, and the effect of WOW on employees, customers and ultimately your bottom line. Arrive a day early for the GIE + EXPO and attend our event! The Bionutritional Summit will be held October 21, 2015 (the day before GIE + EXPO) from 1:00 - 6:00. 
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Growing Your Business Through Tree and Shrub

Have you started marketing your tree and shrub program to current customers yet? Late spring and early summer is the key time for the Northeast area to market tree and shrub because insects and disease will start to attack! In general, you can expect to have 10 – 30% of your current customers sign up for tree and shrub applications. It’s like new found money!

Click the Read More button below to for tips to consider as you develop your tree and shrub marketing strategy, then watch the recorded version of yesterday's webinar on the subject to delve deeper into marketing tree and shrub.

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Holganix University

Holganix University provides tons of marketing materials for you to R&D (rip off and duplicate!). You'll find free custom post card designs, lawn signs, marketing, business and science related classes and ebooks among other fun goodies. 

Click the button below to access Holganix University.