Holganix Is The Business-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, Lawn & Tree Care Solution.

Holganix is a revolutionary product that not only makes lawns and trees grow -- it makes lawn care businesses grow! Our unique formula helps create lush green, weed-free, disease-free lawns while reducing the need for nitrate and phosphate fertilizers.  

With Holganix, you’ll reduce nitrogen usage by up to 90%. Because it helps fertilizer products work more effectively, you’ll save up to 30% or more on product costs. Plus, you can cut labor costs up to 50% when Holganix is applied according to our advised standards.  And by reducing chemical usage, you’ll improve your environmental footprint.

Perhaps best of all, you’ll set your business apart from your competition by offering a truly, unique, highly effective, eco-friendly lawn and tree treatment.

  • Holganix is a non-poisonous, food-grade edible soil stimulant that is “Blue Water Approved,” bay and lake safe.
  • Holganix helps you tell the “Safety” story to your customers with information that will turn them into loyal advocates of your business and your Earth-friendly solution.
  • As a valued customer of Holganix, you’ll be invited to participate in Holganix Lawn Care University, where you’ll learn innovative ways to grow your business and improve your work force.
  • With Holganix, you could make more money with fewer applications.
  • The price of Holganix is stable -- pricing does not depend on petroleum or urea costs.
  • We make the transition from dried to liquid products an easy, turnkey operation -- we provide all the information you’ll need.  We even have a product that fits into your existing spreaders.

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