An Earth Day Pledge: Holganix Vows To Eliminate 1,000,000 Pounds Of Harmful Nitrates, Phosphates, Fertilizers and Pesticides From Environment

-- The PA-based company aims to cut down on pesticides used in lawn care treatments. --

Glen Mills, PA – April 5, 2011 – The theme of Earth Day is always “less” -- less chemicals, less waste, less pollution. It’s fitting, then, that lawn care product company Holganix has set what it calls its “Greater Green Goal” to reduce the chemicals traditionally used in lawn fertilizers by Earth Day, April 22.

“With each jug of Holganix purchased, 80 pounds of nitrates, 20 pounds of phosphates, and 75 ounces of concentrated pesticides are eliminated,” said Barrett Ersek, co-founder of Holganix. “I’m  excited about our goal. We’re on track to stop over one million pounds of harmful materials from entering the environment.”

Holganix, a mixture of active, living ingredients, dramatically enhances the effectiveness of traditional fertilizers. Used on lawns, it produces the same lush, green grass that people expect from lawn care companies -- with only a fraction of the chemicals.

“Lawn care professionals who use Holganix can eliminate up to 90% of their chemicals,” explained Ersek. “In some cases, Holganix lawns look even better than lawns treated with chemical fertilizers alone.”

What’s wrong with nitrates and phosphates? These chemicals -- long present in traditional lawn fertilizers -- promote an overgrowth of algae and plankton, which deplete local oxygen levels in some areas. This creates “dead zones” that seriously impact planetary health. One such area in the Barnegat Bay has caused NJ to pass the strictest fertilizer regulations in the nation.

As Federal, state and local governments implement increased oversight of the chemicals responsible for these dead zones, Holganix offers lawn care customers a viable alternative that meets or exceeds all regulation requirements. “People all over the planet rely on marine wildlife, whether for livelihood or food,” said Ersek. “By using Holganix, our customers help put a stop to dead zones, and that helps the planet.”

Holganix has posted information about the Greater Green Goal on its website,

About Holganix
Holganix is a safe, effective and all-natural bio-nutritional product. Its revolutionary formula reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, while keeping lawns lush and green all season long. It also fosters an environment that makes plants less prone to damage from insects, weeds and disease.  Learn more at or call 866-56-EARTH.