Bio-Nutritional Products Grow Green Lawns While Saving The Planet

-- Holganix helps lawn care companies reduce their dependence on harmful chemicals. --

Glens Mills, PA – May 17, 2011 – Holganix, a Pennsylvania bio-nutritional company,  now offers their proprietary, patent pending plant-based bio-stimulant solution to lawn care companies nationwide. The Holganix formula helps landscape and lawn care technicians maintain lush and green results with only a fraction of the previously required chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Traditional fertilization and pest prevevention solutions contain concentrated levels of nitrates and phosphates. In addition to posing a significant risk to animal life on the soil surface, these chemicals promote an overgrowth of algae and plankton in nearby bodies of water. This overgrowth, in turn, depletes oxygen levels, effectively suffocating large areas of the surrounding freshwater and marine environments.

The resulting “dead zones” seriously impact marine ecosystems and dramatically affect overall planetary health. One such dead zone in the Barnegat Bay has spurred NJ to pass the strictest fertilizer regulations in the nation. Holganix meets or exceeds all current and pending regulatory requirements, offering lawn care professionals a viable alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers while providing superior results.

 “By incorporating Holganix into their regular treatment routines, lawn care professionals drastically reduce chemical dependence and the subsequent environmental impact without compromising on results.” explained Barrett Ersek, owner of Holganix. “Each jug of Holganix effectively prevents 80 pounds of nitrates, 20 pounds of phosphates, and 75 ounces of concentrated pesticides from entering fragile marine ecosystems.”

Holganix begins with a plant-based compost tea that contains no animal or human by-products. Its active bio-nutrients include peat-based hummates, endo- and ecto-mycorrhizae, tricaderma, yucca extract, and melaleuca oil. Utilizing a unique patent pending, proprietary process, these powerful nutrients are combined with organic bio-stimulants. The end result is a highly evolved formula, teeming with beneficial microbiological organisms that recreate the natural soil conditions your plants need to thrive in any environment.

 “By using Holganix, our customers help put a stop to dead zones,” said Ersek. “And that helps the planet.”

About Holganix
Holganix is a safe, effective and all-natural bio-nutritional product. Its revolutionary formula reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, while keeping lawns lush and green all season long. It also fosters an environment that makes plants less prone to damage from insects, weeds and disease.  Learn more at or call 866-56-EARTH.