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Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
The 4th Annual Bionutritional Summit, held on October 21 in Louisville, KY is in the history books. This event, developed to bring the lawn care industry together for a day of learning and networking, was an overwhelming success. The video shows how we brought our core values to life, and why attendees were “again, walking away with their wheels turning”.
Holganix Core Values: More Than Just a Banner on the Wall

At the Bionutritional Summit, Holganix CEO, Barrett Ersek based the keynote presentation on his Harvard business Review-published article: “The X Factor: Breaking Your Industry’s Bottlenecks”. Barrett challenged the audience to identify the bottlenecks that not only THEIR organization is facing, but the industry as a whole.

What if you could solve a bottleneck faced by the sports turf industry? Would it give your athletic field a competitive advantage? Click the Read More button to view a recording of Barrett's keynote.

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Get Your Learn On! Check out our Upcoming Webinar With a Mystery Cool-Season Superintendent

At Holganix, we seriously love our core value: Sustainable Growth. Sustainable Growth doesn't just entail the sustainable growth of plants or of Holganix, but includes our users and partners! That's why we are so excited about our Let's Talk Turf webinar series featuring interviews and conversations with Holganix superintendents and grounds managers. The goal is to share tips and best practices with others in the professional turf industry. 

Check out our December Let's Talk Turf webinar featuring a Mystery Superintendent from a Northern Golf Course.

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We All Know Our Brains Weigh 3lbs.  But did you know that we also contain 3lbs of MICROBES?

We all know our brains make up 3lbs of our body weight. But did you know your body ALSO contains 3lbs of MICROBES???

It’s true!  Every healthy human body is inhabited by an enormous collection of bacteria, fungi, one-celled archaea, and viruses.  Because these microorganisms keep our bodies in balance, it is vitally important to maintain optimum levels of the essential probiotics, and to provide the proper food sources for them (“prebiotics”). 

Interestingly, the advancements made in understanding the human gut have helped gain insight into a parallel microbiome—soil! For the rest of the article, click the Read More button below.

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What are your core values?

Did you implement core values and as a result, strengthen your team or overcome an obstacle? We want to hear all about it! Click the button below and tell us your story. We'll include it in our social media efforts and blog.