Holganix Golf Product

 *Golf Programs are also appropriate for Sports Turf


Holganix is a Hole in One!

Holganix is a completely natural, organic bionutritional product that contributes to a roboust soil ecosystem promoting turf health. Healthy, vigorous turf is more capable of resisting attack by disease and insects. 

Our patent-pending process begins with a proprietary, concentrated, plant-based compost tea that sets Holganix apart from the competition. We then add a variety of beneficial nutrients and microorganisms like mycorrhizae, protozoa, auxins, yucca extract, and humic and fulvic acids. You probably use many of these pieces seperate; why not combine them into one application?

The end product is a powerful, organic solution used by golf course superintendents and turf grass managers to achieve results on par with (or exceeding) traditional, stand-alone fertilization techniques.


Turf Vitality Program

Strengthen your turf and build up its defenses for whatever the season brings your way. Holganix is your proactive approach!

Application Rates:

Holganix 66GC CT - Liquid


  • Turf Density
  • Strength and Vigor
  • Increased Root Mass and Density
  • Nutrient and Water Efficiency


14oz/1,000 sq ft, in the start of spring, or average soil temperature of 55 degrees. 7oz/1,000 sq ft, every 30 days for a total of 5 applications.


7-14oz/1,000 sq ft, in the start of spring and every 30 days throughout the growing season.

Sports Turf:

7-14oz/1,000 sq ft every 14-28 days throughout the season.


Aerification and Core Recovery

Aerification is one of the most critical turf management practices to a healthy turf. Implementing Holganix into your aerification regiment will protect and strengthen your turf during this process.


  • Quicker Recovery
  • Increased Root Mass
  • Increased Plant Strength and Vigor
  • Reduced Plant Stress

Application Rates:

Holganix 66GC CT - Liquid.

14oz/1,000 sq ft - 14 Days before aerification

7oz/1,000 sq ft - 7 Days after aerification

 Application Requirements

  • 1.5 - 2.0 gal/1,000 sq ft water volume.
  • Only tank mix with approved herbicides and insecticides from the Holganix compatibility list.
  • Avoid using fungicides as a tank mix partner.
  • Irrigation not required after application.