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Barrett Ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Have you caught Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow fever? Watch the video above for more information on this exciting new product that has everyone talking!
Webinar: Q&A with Muirfield Village Golf Club's Paul Latshaw
Why does Paul Latshaw, superintendent of Murifield Village Golf Club use Holganix? What has his experience been with Holganix products? Register for our upcoming webinar entitled Let's Talk Golf with Paul Latshaw. This webinar is a Q&A session with Paul Latshaw and is scheduled for March 25 at 2:00pm EST. Holganix Representative, Rob Dillinger will be leading the discussion with Paul but be sure to bring some questions of your own! Click the Read More button to register for this webinar.
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Muirfield Vilalge
And the winner is...

Numerous golf entries have been submitted to the Holganix Roots For You Competition to discover the best, healthiest roots in America, but only one course can win! We are excited to announce that the 2015 winner in the golf category is Shannon Easter, Superintendent of Broken Sound Golf Club in Boca Raton, Florida! Easter won a $500 cash prize and a $500 donation has been made in his name to GCSAA's nonprofit organization: The Environmental Institude For Golf. Easter's Celebration Bermuda turf had 13-inch roots! Click the Read More button to check out the stats for our golf and sports turf root winners. Didn't win this years' competition? Don't worry! Start sending pictures of your roots today via social media to be submitted for next years' competition.


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bermuda turf
3 minutes please!

We want to make sure we are doing everything within our power to make your Holganix experience a good one! Please take 3 minutes and click the Read More button below to take our short survey. We will read every response. Thank you for everything you do! Your time and help is appreciated. 

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Webinar: Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow

We've all heard about Holganix's latest granular product: Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow. Healthy Grow has an ACCM base (Aerobically Composted Chicken Manure) that delivers an excellent source of Carbon. When you combine Holganix with Healthy Grow, it’s like giving the product Red Bull and as the saying goes, Healthy Grow “gets wings” and results are amplified. Not only do you get the benefit of adding a carbon source to your roster of turf products, but you also get all the holistic benefits contained in a jug of Holganix. To learn more about Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow, click the Read More button to register for our upcoming webinar! This webinar is scheduled for April 22 at 2:00pm EST. 

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Holganix University

Holganix University provides tons of free educational materials for you to sink your teeth into. You'll find eBooks, reports, studies and webinars among other fun goodies. 

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