What’s So Unique About Holganix?

Holganix functions as a Biological Meta-Catalyst (a.k.a. bio-stimulant) by enabling plants to more efficiently uptake beneficial nutrients and pesticides. Because healthy plants are more able to resist disease and insect damage, using Holganix can result in decreases in the use of herbicides and pesticides. Significantly lower quantities of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides are needed to obtain the results previously only available through the use of traditional products. Best of all: fewer nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals are released into the environment.

Holganix: A Biological Meta-Catalyst
Biological Meta-Catalyst (BMC) n. A soil amendment or additive that introduces and/or promotes microbiological activity in and around soil and plants. May also promote more efficient use of nutrients by plants. Used in a plant fertility program to significantly reduce the amount of supplemental nutrients needed to produce optimal color, root development and plant health. Contributes to a more robust ecosystem in and around soil and plants, adding to overall plant health, and often reducing the amount of pesticides needed to obtain satisfactory suppression of weeds, insects and disease (because healthy, vigorous plants can more easily resist pathogens and insects and compete with weeds).

Each jug of Holganix can eliminate:

• 80 pounds of Nitrates
• 20 pounds of Phosphates
• 75 oz of concentrated Pesticides

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