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Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Have you already forgotten your New Year's Resolution or 2016 goal? Only, about 8% of Americans that set a New Year's Resolution, keep it. Watch my video to learn how you can be one of the few people that not only set a goal, but REACH IT!
Are you REALLY ready for 2016?

Before you head into the sales season blindly, be sure you have a concrete, no-frills marketing plan to guide you to your sales target. We have released the last two dates for the Marketing Plan Webinar of this season.

According to Nathan Brandon, CEO and Founder of Pure Green in Nashville, Tennessee, “By going through the Holganix marketing plan, I was able to take my 2014 sales goal and break it down into bite sized chunks. It helped me get focused on growth.” By the way, Nathan grew from 0 to 500 customers in 2014.

Do not miss the opportunity to map out your sales forecast and build proven, marketing campaigns to help you reach your goal. Click the "Read More" button below to register before it's too late. 

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Need Help Marketing? 

We are seriously passionate about helping businesses grow. That's why we have compiled a box full of strategy goodies to help you score this spring season. The "Lawn Care Strategy In A Box" includes design-ready post cards, door hangers, lawn signs, educational material, a sales forecast builder and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff, ready for you to download and steal. 

The "Lawn Care Strategy In A Box" tool will be retired for the season starting March 1st, so download your copy before it's too late!

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lawn care marketing
10 Kickass Telemarketing Tips

Although no one can deny its importance to lawn care sales, telemarketing can be down right frustrating. Here are 10 kickass telemarketing tips to help you telemarket the right way.

1. Make it a habit - Treat telemarketing like going to the gym. Stay disciplined, work at your telemarketing prowess every day, and your persistence will pay off. If you take short cuts and telemarket only a couple days per week, then telemarketing will be a WASTE OF YOUR TIME. Remember the tortoise and the hair fable?

Want the remaining nine telemarketing tips? Click the "Read More" to access the article.  

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Ready to GROW?

Learn how beautiful grass, great customer service and standing out from the crowd led Andrew Gabries to 1500+ lawn care customers before the age of 30! His company, Go Green Lawn Services, has mastered the basics of running a successful business, including differentiating from his competitors by incorporating Holganix, a 100% organic plant probiotic.