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Barrett Ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
In the year 1979, a study was conducted on students attending a Harvard MBA program. The students were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” The results were as follows: 3% of students had written goals and made plans, 13% had goals that weren’t in writing, 84% had no specific goals Ten years later, those students were asked how much they were earning in their careers. The results were amazing! Watch my video above for the full story.
From 0 customers to 500, how did Brandon grow his company?

When 2014 came around, Brandon was ready to begin the next chapter in his turf career and started his new lawn care company: Pure Green. He invested money into his sales and marketing budget and also in capital expenditures. By December of 2014, Brandon had 500 customers in his books! And next year, he plans to grow by an additional 500 new customers. How did Nathan Brandon grow his company so fast? Click the Read More button below to learn more about Brandon's story!

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Webinar: Ready for round 1 applications?

This webinar covers round one applications for traditional and Holganix lawn care programs in cool grass regions. Discuss what you can expect during round one applications, what to look for and what to do when things don't go as planned. After all, Mother Nature is a woman and she can't make up her mind! Preparation is key for a successful spring season. Don't miss the opportunity to analyze your round one program and prepare for surprises. This webinar is scheduled on February 9. There are only 26 spots for this special webinar, click the Read More button below to register before it's too late. 

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3 minutes please!

We want to make sure we are doing everything within our power to make your Holganix experience a good one! Please take 3 minutes and click the Read More button below to take our short survey. We will read every response. Thank you for everything you do! You're time and help is appreciated. 

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Get your RAD refilled and beat the spring rush!

We bet you're familiar with spring chaos... that special time of the year when every single one of your customers seems to be calling for services? Well, we have a spring rush season too! Beat the spring rush and get your RADs and refrigerators filled and tested now to avoid running into problems. After all, when spring hits things get hectic for everyone! 

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Holganix University

Holganix University provides tons of marketing materials for you to R&D (rip off and duplicate!). You'll find free custom post card designs, lawn signs, marketing, business and science related classes and ebooks among other fun goodies. 

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