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Holganix Granular: Overview & Results

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When: June 24 @ 2:00 PM Eastern

Are you a lawn care provider that is looking for greener, thicker turf? Are you a landscaper that is looking to grow healthier, more vivacious plants?

Holganix Granular products are teeming with soil microbes and carbon to improve soil and plant health.

In this webinar, Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek provides an overview of the Holganix Granular portfolio including:

  1. An overview of the benefits of each product analysis
  2. Recommendations for how to use the products for lawn fertilization and plant health care
  3. Pictures from the field displaying results
  4. Open Q&A


Additional Tools For Lawn & Landscape Enthusiasts


Holganix Turf & Ornamental Product Catalog

Our product catalog contains, information and testimonials on all of our products geared towards our turf and ornamental business including: lawn and landscape, golf course, sports turf, greenhouse, and more. 

Download our catalog for a peak at all of our turf and ornamental products.



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How To Add A Tree & Shrub Services Ebook

Did you know that 10-to-30% of your current customer would sign up for a tree and shrub service? Adding a tree and shrub service is like new found money! Download our eBook to learn how to market the service, how to price the applications, and a list of materials to help you get started.



soil ebook

Digging Into Soil Science EBook

Within the natural world, there exists a complex balance among living organisms known as the soil food web. In this eBook you will explore how the soil food web supports healthy plants, the power of soil microbes, and soil type classifications. This ebook was written by Dr. Robert Neidermyer, the Director of Soil Science at Holganix.



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