We hear a lot about sustainability in our industry today. But what doesn't sustainability actually mean?
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organic flower
organic flower
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
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Did you miss Professor Bigelow's webinar?

We hear a lot about sustainability in our industry today. But what does sustainability actually mean? According to Dictionary.com, “sustainability is defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment, depleting natural resources and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” Well, that definition is all well and good on paper, but what does sustainability really mean? On a September 5 webinar entitled Sustainability and preparing for another winter, Professor Cale A. Bigelow of Purdue University stated that in reality, sustainability includes three major inter-related components otherwise known as the 3 Es:

Environmental protection

Economic prosperity and continuity

Equity or the social well-being

Click the Read More button below to check out Cale Bigelow's webinar recording here to learn more about sustainability in the turf industry.

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Cale Bigelow
"I think Holganix fits all of our needs in the best possible way!" - State University of New York at Fredonia

It all started when The State University of New York at Fredonia started creating programs campus-wide to involve less chemicals and more organic products. That program involves everything from cleaning products to the way we care for our plants and turf,” says Head Grounds Supervisor Richard Newton of his search for organic turf products. Holganix caught his eye because it allowed Newton to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizer use on campus grounds and fields. So far, Newton reports that the increased “root growth we have seen has not only caused the turf to absorb more nutrients, thereby cutting down on waste and runoff, but also allowed us to cut down on our chemical fertilizer by 20% this first year alone.” Click the Read More button to learn about Newton's experience with Holganix.

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Big competition: Freeport Country Club

Can you top these monster roots from Aaron Heaton of Freeport Country Club? The sports turf winner of the Holganix Roots For You competition receives a $500 cash prize as well as a $500 donation made in their name to STMA. Submit your photos on social media or email them to kersek@holganix.com. Click the Read More button below to learn more about the competition details.

Turf roots
Holganix roots


Download the "Turf Roots: Technical Turf Report" free ebook

In this report, we’ll explore different roles roots play and their symbiotic relationship with the plant and soil: 

1. Root hairs - a neglected but important aspect of the root

2. Roots - the food delivery system

3. Sustainability - the part roots play in sustainability in the environment

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