Keeping your 2016 New Year's Resolution, Top 5 coolest soil microorganisms, Keeping nutrients in check, Ever heard of Ethylene?
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Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
Have you already forgotten your New Year's Resolution or 2016 goal? Only, about 8% of Americans that set a New Year's Resolution, keep it. Watch my video to learn how you can be one of the few people that not only set a goal, but REACH IT!
Top 5 Coolest Soil Microorganisms EVER!

Microbes are Mother Nature's hidden helpers, going to work to nourish the plant and the soil. For example, Cyanobacteria are thought to be a key player in building Earth's early atmosphere. They are also the first known organism to fix nitrogen and produce sugars using photosynthesis. While, Lactobacillus promote decomposition of organic matter, suppress disease and perform growth regulatory effects on fungi, yeast and other bacteria. 

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Keep nutrients and water in CHECK!

Russ MacPhail, Superintendent of Garden City Country Club in New York discusses how Holganix has become an integral part of his monthly application program to: reduce disease to practically zero on greens, allow for water reductions, and pushing of greens to greatly increase green speeds, and achieve remarkable recovery after severe winter kill.

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Have you ever heard of Ethylene?

Have you ever noticed that when you go to purchase bananas from the grocery store, they are always perfectly ripe and ready for consumption? That’s because of a little known plant hormone known as Ethylene. 

Ethylene is just one example of how plant hormones play a crucial role in plant life. Auxins and Gibberellins are two common plant hormones when it comes to growth and orientation, positively affecting cellular growth and differentiation. Other naturally occuring plant hormones include: abscisic acid and cytokinins – which direct germination and fruiting when environmental conditions are right.

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Want to become a soil expert?

Ready to expand your knowledge on the soil food web? Download the free ebook: Digging into the Soil Food Web by Holganix Inventor, Stephen T. Lange. Happy reading soil nerds!