Holganix Bio 800⁺ Breakdown

Why Should Your Farm Use Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown?

Break down your crop residue and enhance your fertilizer investment with Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown.

Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown charges soil with a consortium of over 800 species of soil microbes, nitrogen, and microbe food. The microbes have heightened species that play a special role in crop residue breakdown.

What can you expect from Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown

  • Enhances planter performance
  • Breaks down crop residue
  • Builds soil health
  • Improves seed emergence
  • Releases locked nutrients
  • Improves emergence and stand establishment with any cover crop planted through residue

What's in a jug of holganix bio 800+ breakdown?

Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown contains an entire microbiome or community of organisms that is both abundant and diverse. In a single jug of Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown, there are over 800 species of active microbes, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers. In addition, Holganix has spiked Bio 800+ Breakdown with powerful slow-release nitrogen.

To better facilitate the breakdown of crop residue, Holganix has tailored the microbes in this product to have heightened populations of microbes responsible for residue breakdown. 

Some of these microbes include but are not limited to Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus, Penicillium polonicum, Gluconacetobacter rhaeticusi, Janthinobacterium lividum, and Pseudomonas veronii.

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How Do You Use Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown?

Additional information and instructions for applying Holganix bio 800 breakdown are listed below.

>>Apply Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown at a rate of 0.5 gal per acre after harvest.

>> Apply Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown when the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees for maximum benefit 

>> Total foliar spray volume: Ideally, at least 15 gallons per acre. However, as few as 10 gallons per acre is acceptable.

>> Only tank mix with approved pesticides from the Holganix Compatibility List

>>There are no re-entry restrictions associated with Holganix when applied without pesticides

>>Holganix Bio 800+ products can be stored at ambient temperatures, and out of direct sunlight for four-to-six weeks out of refrigeration. Long-term refrigeration storage is provided for customers that meet purchasing minimums. 

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