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Whether you are purchasing from one of our distributors and retail locations or purchasing online, there are many ways to shop Holganix products. 

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With a focus on biology as the solution to soil and plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering new methods of incorporating soil microbes, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers to build resilient plants and healthier soils. 

Why does biology matter? Plant health begins with healthy soil that is teeming with microbial activity. Healthy soil creates a happy plant. The soil ecosystem serves as a habitat, a source of nutrients, and a protector from stress - all of which increase the plant's ability to flourish. That's why we at Holganix believe plant health and soil health are synonymous. 

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Do Holganix products REALLY work? Let's put the science to the test! We have studies from acclaimed Universities and third-party researchers across the U.S., as well as 70+ case studies from farmers and turf professionals using our products in the field. 

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