Lesson #1 Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture Results Are Backed By Science

Lesson Time Length: 10 Minutes

While there are a lot of benefits to using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture with row crops, here are our top 4 favorites: 

  • Increase Soil Health
  • Increase Yield
  • Increase Resistance To Stress From Weather and Disease
  • Obtain a 2-10x Average ROI On Row Crops


It's All Thanks To Our Microbe Tech

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture is an organic plant probiotic that harnesses over 800 species of soil microbes to grow healthy, resilient crops with better yield performance. In fact, Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete and diverse blend of beneficial microbes available on the market! 

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture promotes strong, extensive root systems, resulting in plants that are better able to find and use nutrients, minerals and water in your soil. By nurturing healthy plants, Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture helps maximize yield potential while ensuring your crop is better prepared to fight off and recover from seasonal stress.

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What To Expect In The Field

Watch our 7-minute video featuring Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark P.h.D. on what to expect from Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture in the field from planting to harvest. Not a video person? Skip the video and read the highlights below. 

  • Growers see yield improvements in one year of using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture. In addition to yield, growers will see long-term, incremental improvements to soil health. 
  • Initially, growers will not see an above ground difference in crop treated with Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture compared to a traditional program. Instead, the difference in result will occur beneath the surface with improved root growth. Growers will see an above ground difference once ears/pods begin to fill.
  • Trials and commercial grower data show that Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture benefits all types of soils and climates. However, it is typical to see an even better result on poor soils - both poor spots across an otherwise productive field, or regions where overall soil quality is lower. Go ahead and use Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture on the worst ground!


Additional Resources?

Here are several resources for you based on this lesson. For our full library of resources, skip to Lesson #5. If you have any questions about this lesson, please don't hesitate to reach out to Dave Stark using Dstark@Holganix.com

>>Download The Product Brochure

>>Download The Label

>Download The SDS

>>Download Our Ingredient List 


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Lesson #2 How Do You Use Holganix Agriculture

Lesson Time Length: 5 Minutes

For most row crops, Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture is applied one-time at 0.5 gallons/acre at planting. If you or one of your growers are using the product on non-row crops, please reach out to your Holganix representative for further instructions. Below are our general recommendations:

  • Gently mix Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture before pouring or pumping the product into the spray tank.
  • Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture can be added to a tank alongside other inputs in any order, but preferably it is one of the last products added to the tank.
  • Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture tank mixes with most fertilizers and chemicals, with only fungicides to be avoided when possible.
  • Use 20 mesh screens or larger. If smaller screens are required, pour the product into your tank through a filter sock to avoid potential clogging. A filter sock will be provided with each tote of product.
  • For best practices, apply Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture once the soil temperatures reach 50 degrees F. 

See below for additional recommendations when it comes to Application Methods and Tank Mixing the product with other inputs. 


Application Methods

  • Injecting in-furrow or in a liquid band at planting - This is the preferred method, and mixing the product with fertilizer is recommended. If you are not mixing it with fertilizer or other chemicals, dilute Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture at a rate of 0.5 gallons of Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture with 2.5 gallons of water or other liquid, per acre minimum. This rate is for row crops only.
  • When Injection is not an option - Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture may be applied with pre-emergent or with first, post-emergent herbicide (or other chemical) application. The greater the total liquid volume applied per acre, the better. 10 gallons/acre total liquid is sufficient if the Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture/Herbicide mix is being applied onto a field with some crop debris or manure on top, or on newly emerged plants. Avoid applying Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture at a low total liquid volume per acre onto bare soil. Apply Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture as close to planting as practical since a key benefit of the product is early root establishment. 
  • Fertigation & Chemigation - Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture will run through most irrigation equipment. Just, change out your screen size to 20 mesh or larger. Flush out your system after you apply Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture through your fertigation or chemigation equipment.
  • Other Application Points
    • If you are using fine screens or nozzles, a filter sock will be provided by Holganix. Filter the product before application to avoid clogging.
    • May be applied over the top during crop/cover crop burn-down prior to planting the next crop. Mixing with herbicide is fine.
    • May be applied over top of manure or spreading other organic material on a field.
    • There are no re-entry or harvest restrictions when using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture. 
    • There are no special disposal required for unused Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture or residual cleaned out from tanks and spray lines. 


Tank Mixing Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture may be mixed with most crop chemicals and fertilizers. If possible, avoid tank mixing Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture with fungicides. Before adding Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture to the tank, mix the product by swirling the jug or mixing in the tote to get the sediment into suspension (sediment is mostly humic acid). Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture may be added to the tank in any order, but preferably it is added toward the end of the tank fill.

University studies have shown that Glyphosate, 2,4-D and Dicamba uptake is increased when tank-mixing with Holganix Bio 800+. This increased uptake is not observed with other herbicides. While turf professionals using our products choose to reduce their use of herbicides with the product, Holganix is not recommending reductions for agriculture use. Instead, growers can expect better weed control especially in resistant and hard to control weed species. 


Additional Resources

Here are several resources for you based on this lesson. For our full library of resources, skip to Lesson #5. 

>>University studies showing increased uptake of Glyphosate, 3,4-D and Dicamba 


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Lesson #3 Refrigeration For Long-Term Storage

Lesson Time Length: 7 Minutes

Some growers are concerned about the lack of refrigeration on their site and the shelf-life of Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture out of refrigeration; there is no need to be concerned! Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture is shelf stable, at room temperature for up to two weeks. 

Since most growers don't have refrigeration, Holganix will arrange delivery to the farm, just before planting. The grower typically has at least two weeks to go through the product, so long as the product is stored away from direct sunlight. 

250 Gallon totes will come wrapped in an insulated blanket during the warm season and will stay fresh beyond even our 2-week guarantee. For most growers planting crops over a 4-to-8 week window, Holganix prefers to make separate deliveries so no product remains unrefrigerated for more than two weeks.

Should a grower purchase a large volume (16 totes or more), Holganix may offer to park a refrigerated trailer at the growers location for the grower to work through as time and weather permits. Holganix pays all trailer rental fees up to 8 weeks; the grower is responsible for electric/diesel needs.  


Storing In A Spray Tank

Once the grower dilutes Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture into a spray tank, the shelf-life timer starts over again. Shelf-life in the tank, depending on the dilution, can be up to 30 days. However, if the mixture sits in a warm tank for a long period of time, the microbes will grow and may clog fine mesh screens and tips with small openings. Growers are still able to put the product down, but they may need to clean screens more frequently. Regardless, Holganix always recommends a 20 mesh screen or larger whenever present. To avoid clogging, use a filter sock prior to use.


Why Is Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture Refrigerated?

Watch our 3.5-minute video featuring Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D. for an explanation on why Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture is refrigerated.


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Lesson # 4 University & Commercial Grower Trials

Lesson Time Length: 2 Minutes + Webinar

Holganix has been testing Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture with both university research and commercial growers. Here are some of our highlights. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.52.43 AM


Dig In Deeper

Join Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek and Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D.  in one of our upcoming webinars to learn:

  1. More about the science behind Holganix Agriculture
  2. Details about Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture's university and commercial grower trials
  3. Open Q&A between the audience and Holganix

       >>Access our webinar library



>>Read a summary of our studies

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