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At Holganix, one of our core values is growth - the growth of plants, people, and companies. We are passionate about helping our customers grow their businesses. This passion, along with our core values, led us to create a series of Holganix webinars for further learning. Our webinars and events are free and open to all who are interested.


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Webinar: Digging into Soil Health and Crop Residue

In Partnership with The Van Trump Report

45 Minute Webinar

Do you have SOIL or DIRT?

In this interactive webinar, Kevin Van Trump of the Van Trump Report shares his thoughts on trends in agriculture and the marketplace... including the importance of soil health on our family farms. 

It's no secret that soil health is important to sustaining the long-term health of the family farm. But soil health also has a big impact on your results TODAY. In fact, healthy soils can affect a number of results from fertilizer efficiency to yield to residue management. 

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Webinar: Fertilizer Prices High? How Soil Microbes Improve Fertilizer Efficiency on the farm

In partnership with Acres USA

CEUs Available!

45 Minute Webinar

Did you know that over 50% of fertilizer that is applied is lost? Many farmers are producing more while using less fertilizer, by leveraging soil microbes to increase fertilizer efficiency, allowing more fertilizer to go to the crop and reducing waste. 

In this webinar, Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D., will discuss how microbes increase nutrient uptake, the role of soil microbes in soil health, and data from university and Holganix studies on how soil microbes improve fertilizer efficiency in agricultural crops.

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farmer dealer

Webinar: Becoming a Holganix Farmer Dealer

45 Minute Webinar

Looking to earn more money for your farm? Holganix is searching for entrepreneurial farmers in select markets to join our farmer dealer network. 

Why consider becoming a farmer dealer? You can earn over $56,000 in revenue for your farm, plus you will be representing a microbial technology that's proven to provide a 2-10x return on your investment in just one season.

These webinars will be hosted by Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek

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fertilizer costs

Webinar: Reducing Fertilizer Costs starts with Your Soil: Round Table Discussion

In partnership with No-Till Farmer

45 Minute Webinar

Did you know that over 50% of fertilizer that is applied is lost? But farmers can improve fertilizer efficiency by leveraging the power of soil microbes.

In this round table discussion, Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D., sits down with regenerative ag consultants, Nick Vos, and John Weseman, on how they have improved fertilizer efficiency while improving crop yield.​ This will be an open round table and questions from the audience are encouraged.


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Webinar: Digging into Soil Health: The Role of Soil Microbes

In Partnership with Progressive Farmer

45 Minute Webinar

It’s no secret that soil health is important. And for those looking to maximize the health of your soil, leveraging soil microbes to improve soil health and yield is the key. Healthy soils can affect a number of results from crop yield, to disease suppression, nutrient availability, and more.

In this webinar, Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D., will discuss soil microbe types and what each type does to affect the root zone, how soil microbes improve fertilizer efficiency, how soil health can lead to improved profit per acre for the farm, and data from university and Holganix studies on incorporating soil health practices.

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fertilizer program

Webinar: Building Your 2023 Turf Fertilizer Program

45 Minute Webinar

Agronomic programs fluctuate throughout the year based on weather. Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, it’s important to strategize what your ideal agronomic program looks like to ensure a successful fall season.

Attend our workshop to strategize on how to improve your fertilizer program, maximizing agronomic performance without breaking the bank. This webinar is designed for lawn and landscape professionals and is not designed for homeowners.

This webinar is hosted by Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy.


lets talk crops

Webinar: Let's Talk Crops: Interview with Holganix Customers

45 Minute Webinar

Interested in using Holganix products but want to hear from actual Holganix users first? We get it! That is why we've put together a round table discussion, featuring three Holganix customers from different geographies. These customers are growing corn and soybeans. This will be an open Q&A session so come armed with questions and be ready for our customer's candid responses. 

This webinar will be hosted by Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek, and will feature three farmers. 

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fertilizer costs

Webinar: Fertilizer Costs High? Improve Fertilizer efficiency when Managing Turf

45 Minute Webinar

Fertilizer costs are skyrocketing! How can you increase fertilizer efficiency? How can you reduce the need for fertilizer when managing turf (either residential lawns, corporate campuses, or golf courses)?

Holganix Bio 800+ has been tested in over 28 university studies showing the effects this product has on fertilizer reduction

In this webinar, Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy, dives into the studies on fertilizer reduction and discusses how soil microbes can increase fertilizer efficiency. 

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lawn care company

Webinar: Selling Your Lawn Care Company? 7 Things To Know

45 Minute Webinar

Are you considering selling your lawn and landscape company? Are you just curious about the steps involved in selling your company, including setting a valuation?

Attend our upcoming webinar, featuring Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek and Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy, to learn more. Between both Barrett and Rob, they have sold or purchased 10 lawn care companies and consulted with dozens of others.


commodity classic

Tradeshow: Commodity Classic

Orlando, Florida

Commodity Classic is unlike any other event in agriculture because it’s created by farmers, for farmers.

At Commodity Classic, you’ll get the answers, solutions, and information you need to gain greater clarity—and create a vision for your farm’s success for years to come. Be sure to visit our booth! Use the button below to register for this event.

March 9, 10, and 11

Webinars On Demand

Not seeing a webinar you are interested in? Explore our entire webinar recording library, featuring on-demand webinar recordings on a variety of soil science, business, and marketing topics.

You can also view webinar recordings featuring Holganix users, Jonathan Rigsbee of GrowinGreen Lawn Care, Shannon Easter of Broken Sound Golf Club, Brandon Haley of Red Diamond Inc, and so many more.

Below are three of our most popular webinars.

>>For the full webinar library click here

Holganix agriculture

Holganix Bio 800 Agriculture: Research and Results

For growers using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture, an increase in yield and soil health has led to an increase ROI on crops. This webinar will provide an overview of our trials and the Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture product.

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Shannon Easter

Lets Talk Turf with Shannon easter of Broken Sound Club

Holganix sits down with Shannon Easter, the Director of Golf Maintenance and Environmental Sustainability at Broken Sound Golf Club, to discuss trend results he has seen in the field with Holganix Bio 800+ Golf product. 

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how to use holganix

Lawn & Landscape Industry: How to use Holganix Products

Is your lawn & landscape company looking to test Holganix? Are you a Holganix user that needs a review? Then this webinar is the option for you! We will cover the two ways contractors use Holganix products.

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