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6 Fabulous Infographics about Soil Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

soil health image

If you're a soil dork like the team here at Holganix, you need to dig into the below six infographics. From plant communication (yes, plants communicate!), soil disease suppressiveness, soil consistency and soil microbes, each infographic describes a unique aspect of soil health and what it means for plant health. 


1. Hidden Half Of Plants: Developing More Robust and Sustainable Crops

This infographic tells the story of how the soil rhizosphere - the soil surrounding the roots - functions to promote plant health. It also discusses how roots interact with one another - communicating with other roots and microbes to cycle nutrients and respond to stress.

>>Source: Donald Danforth Plant Science Center


2. A Soil Health Strategy And Its Interaction With Soil

Created by the European Commission for Agriculture and Innovation, this infographic describes the unique relationship between soil health and soil borne disease. According to the European Commission, there are three key factors influencing soil borne disease:

1. Soil life, biodiversity

2. Soil structure

3. Chemical status, fertilization

>>Source European Commission For Agriculture and Innovation


3. The Soil Food Web

This infographic is a classic and Holganix fans know it well - The Soil Food Web infographic by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) describes the synergistic relationship between organisms within the soil.

>>Source: NRCS



4. Unlock The Secrets In The Soil

According to this infographic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), “healthy soil is key to feeding 9 billion people by 2050.” The infographic describes how soil is made of about 45% minerals, 25% water, 5% organic matter and 25% air. Plus, it gives tons of cool facts about the life beneath the soil’s surface!

For example, did you know healthy soil “has amazing water-retention capacity. Every 1% increase in organic matter results in as much as 25,000 gallons of available water per acre.” Or, that “all of the soil microbes in 1 ac/ft of soil weighs more than 2 cows!”

>>Source USDA



5. Soils Are The Foundation For Vegetation

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released this infographic when the United Nations named 2015 the “International Year Of Soil”. In this infographic, the FAO describes soil’s relationship with:

1. Crops

2. Pasture

3. Forests

>>Source FAO



6. How Does Holganix Bio 800+ Work?

That’s right - we are very biased when it comes to infographics, our own infographic just HAD to make the list too! In this infographic, we discuss how Holganix Bio 800+ harnesses the power of over 800 soil microbes to:

  1. Stimulate healthy growth in foliage and roots

  2. Convert and release nutrients to the plant

  3. Promote the plant’s tolerance from stress, including weather, disease and traffic

  4. Balance the soil ecosystem, providing a healthy habitat for a healthy plant

Want to dig in deeper? Check out our Holganix Bio 800+ product line!

Holganix Holganix Bio 800+ Works

soil food web

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5 Tips For Planning Your 2019 Fertilizer Program

Fertilizer Program

With only two months to go until the new year, now is the perfect time to strategize what 2019 will look like for your lawn and landscape company. In specific, what will your agronomic program look like, and are you adding any new services this year like tree and shrub applications or aeration services? These are the two big questions we’ll explore in today’s blog.

Planning Your Agronomic Program

Most of the time, agronomic programs fluctuate throughout the year based on weather. For example, too much rain causes problems with disease, and two little could spell for a nasty summer. Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, it’s important to strategize what your ideal agronomic program looks like to ensure a successful year. Here are three tips from Dr. Bob, our Director of Soil and Plant Science.


1. Nutrients Matter

We all know those three numbers on the bag stand for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, and while getting the appropriate quantity of each nutrient is important, quality may matter even more so. Not all forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are created equally. Here are two items to consider when looking at your nutrients.

Looking at Timing: Slow vs Quick-Release

Is your nutrient source a quick- or slow-release? For example, when it comes to the source of nitrogen are you using a quick-release urea or a slow-release methylated or triazone urea? Or some other source entirely? There are instances when you are looking for a quick green up, but often a program containing slow-release urea will provide a better, long-term green up.

>>Learn more about the difference between slow and quick-release nitrogen sources on this blog.

Compare Use Rate to Understand Cost

When comparing two fertilizer costs don’t just compare the cost of one bag to another, factor in the use rate of each fertilizer to get to cost per round. Cost per round will be your “True Cost” for that fertilizer.


2. Going Organic? Going Hybrid-Organic?

Are you looking to create a hybrid-organic program or a fully organic program? Many Holganix customers prefer to utilize a hybrid-organic program that provides the quick results associated with a traditional, synthetic program and the long-term benefits of an organic one. Often, a hybrid-organic program provides benefits like a green, weed-free lawn, increased soil health, less surge growth and the ability to market your earth-friendly message to homeowners.

If you’re interested in going with a hybrid-organic program, be sure to download your Holganix Soil Smart Program!

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.10.11 AM-1

Holganix Soil Smart Programs are turn-key and consist of all the products needed for a fertilization program including fertilizer, herbicides and of course, your Holganix plant probiotics. However, unlike a traditional fertilizer program, the Holganix Soil Smart Program requires fewer fertilizers and pesticides to create a green, weed-free lawn.

>>Download Your Holganix Soil Smart Program


3. Speak With a Local Expert!

If you have any questions about designing your 2019 fertilizer program, feel free to speak with one of our local experts at Holganix. You can schedule a meeting with a Holganix expert by clicking the button below.

Speak With A Holganix Representative

Adding Additional Services in 2019

Are you currently offering lawn fertilizer applications and looking to branch out into additional services to increase your revenue and gross margin. Adding additional services is a great way to increase your revenue per customer which in turn should increase your margins. These are services your customers are often either receiving from a competitor or are DIYing. Here are two services to consider adding in 2019.

1. Tree and Shrub Programs

On average you can expect 10-to-30% of your current customers to sign up for a tree and shrub program. That’s like new found money. If you’re anxious to get started because (1) you don’t know how to sell it, (2) you don’t know how to price it, or (3) you don’t know how to build a tree and shrub program, don’t fret - we’ve got your back!

Download the Holganix Tree and Shrub Box for tools on how to price out a tree and shrub program and free marketing pieces to help push the program to customers. You are also welcome to leverage one of our horticulturists or local lawn care experts for help designing a program.

>>Download Your Tree & Shrub Box

2. Aeration Services

Why should you market aeration services to current customers? Not only is it additional revenue with high margins, but by aerating the turf, you’re providing a better soil ecosystem for the lawn. For help getting started, download our Holganix Aeration Box containing several tools to help you market and sell aeration services to customers.

>>Download Your Aeration Box

The Big Take-Aways

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Make sure you take advantage of the next two months to plan out your 2019 agronomic program and any additional services you may offer in the coming season. Also, to help you get started, leverage the free resources we listed above or any others provided by distributors. And lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Holganix if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Speak With A Holganix Representative

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Holganix Case Study - Maximizing Playability And Sustainability At Broken Sound Club

Shannon Easter Blog

Shannon Easter, Director of Sustainability and Golf Maintenance at Broken Sound Golf Club has been using Holganix Bio 800+ Golf for 5 years now. According to Shannon, Holganix Bio 800+ Golf has served as a tool to meet his sustainability, soil health and agronomic goals at the two courses he manages at Broken Sound.

In this blog we’ll explore the results Shannon has seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Golf over the years with a reflection by Holganix Director of Soil & Plant Science, Dr. Robert Neidermyer on the science behind those results.

Both a written section and video clips are provided from the interview for your use. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to access a copy of the article that contains videos.

What is Holganix Bio 800+ Golf? Holganix Golf is a member of the Bio 800+ family of products. It harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to build soil health, stimulate root growth and grow stronger plants that require fewer fertilizers and pesticides to be healthy.

Meeting Sustainability Goals at Broken Sound with Reductions in Fertilizer, Fungicide and Irrigation

Broken Sound Golf Club isn’t new to the world of sustainability. In fact, the exclusive, award winning country club was “the second golf facility in the US and the 14th in the world to be GEO certified - the sustainability assurance of the international non-profit Golf Environment Organization.” Broken Sound has also received Audubon Sanctuary Certification for both of their golf courses and established the first industrial composting project in Florida. In addition, Broken Sound has been recognized for recycling 96% of its solid waste. “In the state of Florida, we are the second largest recycler - just behind Waste Management,” says Shannon Easter.

In 2016, Shannon accepted the coveted Environmental Leaders in Golf Award (ELGA), presented annually by GCSAA and Golf Digest in partnership with Syngenta and Rain Bird’s Golf Division.

Holganix: Shannon, can you comment about how you use Holganix Bio 800+ Golf to reduce your fungicide, fertilizer and irrigation needs on both courses?

Shannon: Holganix Bio 800+ Golf allows us to maximize the fertility in the soil and make it available. Overall, we have reduced our fungicide inputs by 30% and our use of nitrogen by 20%. Our irrigation has also been reduced by 12%; that’s because Holganix Golf has allowed us to grow a deeper, more web-like root system.

We create tailored programs for each course because of their different soil types. For example, the old course is predominantly sandy soils and the new course has richer soils. In the old course we apply 4 applications via fertigation and on the new course we apply just 3 applications.

We haven’t just backed off rates on our turf, but also on our annuals. We mix the Holganix Golf with our compost and use it when planting annuals. Over the past 3 years we haven’t needed a single fungicide application on our annuals and I attribute that to Holganix Golf.  

Holganix: Dr. Bob, can you tell us about the science behind Holganix Bio 800+ Golf and why Shannon has been able to reduce his inputs?


Dr. Bob: The microbes contained in Holganix Bio 800+ Golf are going to conduct three core activities in order to help maximize Shannon’s use of fertilizer, fungicides and irrigation.

1. Microbes in Holganix Golf promote root development which will allows roots to better access nutrients and water in the soil. A class of microbes known as Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) form a synergistic relationship with the plant to build plant roots. PGPB stimulate direct root growth of the primary roots - those roots that grow down into the soil, others stimulate root growth of the secondary roots - those roots that grow laterally or horizontally in the soil.

2. Microbes in Holganix Golf unlock primary and secondary nutrients already in the soil.

3. Microbes in Holganix Golf trigger the plant’s natural defense system called Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) and Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) that combats pathogens or allows the plant to better handle situations like a drought or dealing with an abundance of water. What happens between the plant and the microbes is a kind of chemical dialogue. Microbes also help through competitive displacement by occupying space around and on the plant that might have allowed pathogens close to the plant.

50% Increase in Root Mass Leads To Healthier Turf That Requires Less Irrigation

Holganix: Shannon, you alluded to the fact that you were able to reduce your irrigation because of the root mass. Can you talk to us about what you have seen with Holganix Golf and roots? I know you were our 2015 Holganix Roots For You winner for having the most impressive root mass in the golf industry.

Shannon: Take a look at the two pictures below.

turf roots

The one on the left is with celebration turf on the new course. The turf is just 4 weeks old in that picture and it is growing in sandy soils. Those roots wound up being 22 inches long! It is pretty impressive.

The picture on the right is from turf just 11 days old. That area received a second application of Holganix Golf, so it really shows the potential if you can double up your application rate.

Holganix: Dr. Bob, can you tell us what about Holganix Bio 800+ Golf that allows Shannon and other turf professionals to get such a deep root mass?

Dr. Bob: It comes back to the PGPB and the plant growth hormones they release to grow primary and secondary roots.

Enhancing Soil Health Means Big PayOffs in Turf Performance

Holganix: You had sent us a bunch of data regarding a bump in soil health with Holganix Golf. In specific, you pointed out an increase in your cation exchange capacity (CEC) and a decrease in your soil organic matter. Can you tell us a little about those results?

Shannon: CEC is the soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients in the soil and make them available to the plant. So, the higher I can get my CEC the easier it is for my turf to access nutrients. The data below demonstrates these results, showing a 13% average increase in CEC on fairways and a 27% average increase on greens.

Our Soil Organic Matter (SOM) also decreased with the use of Holganix Golf on our greens. That means the thatch is being minimized and allows us to go longer in between renovations. Overall we saw a 29.55% average decrease in our SOM on the new courses’ greens and tees.Soil Organic Matter Chart broken sound

Bland Cooper who was our PGA Tour agronomist took a pressure test of our greens. It was the first time he got 10 pounds on greens that are over 12 years old. That just shows you how incredible it was to reduce our thatch and increase CECs.  

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us a little bit about why Holganix Golf would be able to provide such a considerable boost in soil health?

Dr Bob: Microbes in Holganix Bio 800+ Golf contribute to soil health because it’s microbes nature to break down organic matter. A healthy soil is dependent upon the soil’s ability to break down organic matter into humus. If organic matter doesn’t break down, disease occurs in the soil. Ultimately, this process leads to improved soil structure which leads to an increase in CEC, moisture movement and soil atmosphere movement.

Shortening the Grow In Period During Renovations

Holganix: Shannon, you used Holganix during renovations in 2014 and 2018. Can you tell us about the results you saw?


Shannon: We really saw an increase in the speed that the turf was growing in at. Specifically, in the 2014 renovations we were able to open one course six weeks early and the other eight weeks early. One of the reasons why the courses opened early was because Holganix Golf allowed us to increase our grow in speed.

Holganix: Dr. Bob, can you tell us how Holganix Bio 800+ Golf can help other courses during a renovation?

Dr. Bob: For renovations it comes down to roots. When establishing a new turf - whether it be a lawn or a golf green - success is critically reliant on developing a strong root system. Microbes in Holganix Golf that contribute to root growth include but are not limited to PGPB, Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma.

Additional Conversations with Shannon @ Broken Sound Club

If you want to learn more about Shannon’s results with Holganix Golf, check out the below video and article topics.

1. Nematodes - Shannon discusses results he has seen with an unnamed Holganix Technology and nematode reductions.

2. Soil Health - Shannon digs deeper into results on CEC and Soil Organic Matter (SOM).

3. Plant Installations - Shannon discusses how he uses Holganix Golf when planting annuals and on trees and shrubs to ensure survival at planting and to build overall plant strength.

4. Golf Trends - Shannon goes into two key trends he is seeing in the golf industry that he feels superintendents should be aware of.

Download Our Ingredient List

Want to learn more about the Holganix Golf product, download our ingredient list using the link below and be sure to give us a call at 866-56-EARTH to get in touch with one of our representatives!

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Holganix Case Study: Harmony Hill Nursery Discusses Roots, Harvest and Plant Resilience

Harmony Hill Nursery

I would recommend the Holganix product line to others because it builds a healthier, stronger plant and... during installs the plants don't just survive, they thrive.” - Chris Uhland, PCH, Harmony Hill Nursery LLC

Chris Uhland, PCH is the COO and Co-Founder of Harmony Hill Nursery LLC, located in Downingtown, PA. Harmony Hill focuses on growing strong trees and shrubs for landscape contractors in the surrounding area.

In this blog, we’ll explore the results Chris has seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub over the years with a reflection by Holganix Director of Soil & Plant Science, Dr. Robert Neidermyer on the science behind those results.

What is Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub? Holganix Tree & Shrub is a member of the Bio 800+ family of products. It harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to build soil health, stimulate root growth and grow stronger plants that require fewer fertilizers and pesticides to be healthy. It also allows freshly installed plants to better root into their new home so plants don’t just survive, they thrive.

If you are reading this blog via email, please click here so you have access to the video portions of this blog.

Discussing Results At Planting

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us the results you have seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub when planting your liners?


Chris Uhland, PHC: When I was growing up working at my father’s farm, we would take our liners plant them and water them in. That’s how much of the industry operates. At Harmony Hill, we take it an extra step by root dipping the plant material into a 300 gallon slurry of Holganix Tree & Shrub and water for 20-to-30 minutes before it’s installed into our fields. The whole process of root dipping and installation takes us about 45 minutes. Taking the time to root dip, allows the plant to get rooted into and and adapted to its native soils faster. As a result, the plant is able to manage seasonal stresses, like a spring dry spell, much easier.

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us what’s going on scientifically when we use Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub at planting? And, why we get the results we do?


Dr. Bob: When it comes to installing new plant material, stimulating root growth is your number one prerogative. There are several microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub that contribute to root development but one of the most important classes is Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB).

PGPB are bacteria, fungi and protozoa that live in a close and mutually beneficial relationship with roots. Roots secrete sugars and in response, PGPB produce plant hormones that do all kinds of things like stimulating root growth.

Having a thick, web-like root system early after planting ensures the plant has a better chance at survival when going through seasonal stresses. It also allows roots to more easily find nutrients and water in the soil to strengthen the plant.

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us what you recommend for nurseries and landscape contractors looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub when installing new plants?

Dr. Bob: Because the production needs for a nursery and a landscape contractor are different, there is really two sets of directions. If you’re a landscape contractor installing a new landscape, we recommend simply watering the plant in with Holganix Tree & Shrub or Holganix Bloom after install. If you’re a nursery installing new plants, consider mirroring Chris’ practice of creating a slurry to soak the roots in before planting, then watering it in with Tree & Shrub after install.

Download Your Holganix Directions!

If you’re a landscaper looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub at planting, download our Holganix Plant Start directions here. If you’re a nursery looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub, watch our short video demonstration of a root dip at Muirfield Golf Club.

Harmony Hill Nursery

Shortening Time to Harvest

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us how Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub has allowed you to shorten your time to harvest?

Chris: In spring of 2017, we had mechanical, labor and weather issues. Normally I have all of my liners planted in early-April, but because of the issues, we planted in mid-May. That's a catastrophe for me because that's my livelihood.

We did Holganix Tree & Shrub applications in June and July. I was hoping our losses would be minimal and was expecting them to come in at about 20%-to- 30%. One year later, our losses came in at 7-to-8%, much less than expected.

Most of our material we line out at planting is 1-to-1.25 inches and we typically try to get a half-inch of growth out of each tree, each year. But, because of the Holganix Tree & Shrub applications, we also saw our trees reach a 2-to-2.25 inch caliber. We were harvesting in less than a year, and under a normal cycle that would be a two year harvest time. Not only did it save us time, and trees from being lost, it made us money by trimming off 1-to-2 years in our production cycle. 

Holganix: Dr. Bob, can you tell us how Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub would allow Chris to shorten the harvest time?

Dr. Bob: It really comes back to supporting a healthy root system with the soil microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub. If you can promote a healthy root system that root system will be better positioned to care for the plant. The roots will become more efficient in finding nutrients that lead to growth. There are also other microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub that promote the availability and uptake of nutrients.

Results During Disease and Insect Pressure

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us what kind of results you have seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub with disease and insect pressure?

Chris: A big thing that I noticed - and I was shocked to see it - was that our insect pressure isn’t as bad as others’ in the region. I attribute that to Holganix Tree & Shrub developing a stronger plant that may be less susceptible to insect pressure. Also, when disease pressure runs high we often need to do an extra fungicide spray applications. We haven’t had to do that once with Holganix Tree & Shrub. 

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us why Chris is seeing less disease and insect pressure with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub?


Dr. Bob: There are certain microbes that form a synergistic relationship with the plant. Soil microbes will signal to the plant to put up it’s natural defense systems called Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) and Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) that combats pathogens. Those natural defense systems also allows the plant to better handle stressful situations like dealing with a drought or an overabundance of water. What happens between the plant and the microbes is a kind of chemical dialogue. Microbes also help through competitive displacement by occupying space around and on the plant that might have allowed pathogens close to the plant.

Additional Conversations with Chris @ Harmony Hill Nursery

If you want to learn more about Chris’ results with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub, check out the below video topics.

1. Production Methods - Chris describes his application methods and how he uses Holganix Tree & Shrub from harvest to delivery to a customer.

2. Recommendation - Does Chris recommend Holganix Tree & Shrub?

3. Push It To The Limits - Holganix Tree & Shrub helps Chris push it to the limits with an order for a customer.

Download Our Ingredient List

Want to learn more about the Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub product, download our ingredient list using the link below and be sure to give us a call at 866-56-EARTH to get in touch with one of our horticulturists!

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Holganix Agriculture Provides a 3-5x ROI

holganix agriculture roi

“With any entrepreneurial farmer, trying a new product comes down to return on investment,” explains Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek. “And, securing a return on investment for our farmers is a priority at Holganix.”

Holganix Agriculture harnesses the power of soil microbes to provide an increase in yield, plant resilience and soil health on row crops. “For growers planting corn and soy, the increase in yield combined with the economical cost of our product often provides a 3-4x ROI,” explains Barrett. Over the past several years, Holganix has conducted trials with both a university and commercial growers on several crops including corn and soy, among others.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.52.43 AM


How Does Holganix Agriculture Work?

Holganix Agriculture contains over 800 species of beneficial soil microbes that promote growth in crop foliage and roots, convert and release nutrients in the soil and promote the crops’ tolerance to stress like weather and disease. Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete and diverse blend of beneficial soil microbes available on the market.

Want to Dig Deeper?

If you are looking to dig deeper into the results behind Holganix Agriculture on row crops, be sure to check out this blog. Or, feel free to reach out to Holganix directly by emailing David Stark P.h.D., the President of Agriculture, at

5 Facts About Soil Microbes [SlideShare]

Understanding the power of soil microbes is still a novel and new concept in the industry. Over the past few years, new exciting studies have proven the effects soil microbes can have on plant and soil health. We've compiled 5 fun facts in a SlideShare about soil microbes for our readers.

Click the SlideShare to flip through the facts, or skip the SlideShare and just read our facts below. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to access the SlideShare.


#1 Losing Soils

President D. Roosevelt once said, “a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”

Yet despite its importance, we have lost about half of the topsoil on the planet over the last 150 years. According to University of Sydney Scientific Director, Dr. John Crawford in an interview in Time Magazine, “a rough calculation of current rates of soil degradation suggests we have about 60 years of topsoil left. Some 40% of soil used for agriculture around the world is classed as either degraded or seriously degraded.”


#2 Microbes Are Everywhere!

There are more microbes in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth. In fact, according to this Ohio State article, “Soils contain about 8-to-15 tons of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms and arthropods.


#3 Fertilizer Factories & Shields

“Microbes are like mini Fertilizer factories,” explains Dr. Robert Neidermyer, Holganix Director of Plant & Soil Science.

For example, microbes like Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria release nutrients locked in the soil and make them available to the plant. Fungi like Mycorrhizae, travel across large swaths of soil to hunt down nutrients and water for plants. Further, having a diverse amount of bacteria and fungi allow the microbes to help protect plants from harmful pathogens.


#4. Largest Organism On Earth

Mycorrhizae Fungi form synergistic relationships with trees. In exchange for sugars excreted by the plant, mycorrhizae produce thousands of linear miles of “hyphae” in soil to mine nutrients and water for plants. In fact, the largest organism on earth is a 2.5 mile-wide Honey Mushroom (Armillarea ostoyae).

To learn more about the power of mycorrhizae and their relationship with trees, watch the 1.5-minute video below from National Geographic.  


 #5 We Are More Bacteria Than Human

Humans are about 95% bacteria and 5% human. The consortium of all microbes that live on and within humans is called our MicroBiome.


Want to Learn More About Soil Health and Soil Microbes?

Download our soil science eBook to explore: 

1. How the Soil Food Web supports healthy plants

2. The power behind soil microbes

3. Soil types and how to improve the health of your soil

soil food web

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Tip Of The Month - Fall Planting? Ensure Success with Holganix Plant Start

Barretts Tip of the Month

As a contractor, it is a challenge to ensure that freshly installed landscapes - whether flowers, trees, shrub, sod or seed - not only survive in their new home, but they thrive. Often, contractors take healthy plant material from a greenhouse or nursery and install it in dead soil that is common in new subdivisions. That plant struggles to take root and may even die. By using a Plant Start Application, contractors ensure plants thrive.

In his tip of the month video, Holganix CEO and Founder, Barrett Ersek and Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy dive into:

1. What is a Plant Start Application and what results can you expect

2. How to conduct a Plant Start Application

3. Success stories from contractors using Plant Start Applications on trees, shrubs, sod and seed

If you are reading this blog via email, click here for Barrett’s video.

Download A Copy Of The Plant Start Directions

Click the button below to download your copy of the Plant Start Application directions.

Download:  Plant Start Application Directions

[PODCAST] Farm Tank Interviews Barrett Ersek on Gratitude and Business Innovation

"A wise person learns from his experience, but an extremely wise person learns from the experience of others" — Barrett Ersek

Today's blog article comes from FarmTank Podcasts by Jordan Van Trump! Click the button below to access the podcast, or read Jordan's summarized highlights below. Be sure to sign up for Farm Tank Podcasts and share the podcast with friends!
A big thank you to Farm Tank and Jordan Van Trump for interview Barrett and sharing our Holganix story. 
Barrett's Podcast
A Note from Jordan Van Trump, Farm Tank Podcasts
Barrett Ersek, Founder and CEO of the Holganix, is a true American entrepreneur. Listen to this podcast to learn a collection of insight about building your own business even when you think all the cards are stacked against you. Barrett sold his first company for $3.5 million, his second for over $10 million, and is currently in the process of building another multimillion dollar venture. This man has a lot to share when it comes to overcoming adversity and the significance of gratitude in business as well as life. He has personally had to overcome many challenges and obstacles, many that would have stopped most people, but not Barrett Ersek. Not only did he overcome adversity, but he has excelled every step of the way.Barrett has been invited to lecture at places like MIT, The London School of Business, and the India School of Business.
Barrett now has his sights set on finding new and innovative ways to improve soil health and to leave a lasting footprint on earth. In this podcast episode, Barrett and I have great discussions about business and life. He shares some extremely valuable lessons he has learned along his amazing journey.
We also talk about a wide variety of topics such as: deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, meeting Brother David Steindl-Rast, and some of the best Philly cheese-steaks in Philadelphia. Listen to the podcast below to learn more about this earth changing agronomist and influential American Entrepreneur.
Want To Hear More?

If you are interested in receiving our exclusive podcasts, content, and Q&A's on a regular basis, visit Farm Tank's site, and simply enter your e-mail address. It's that simple! No spam, ever. Just great stuff.
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[VIDEO] Why Do Hydroseeders Use Holganix Products?


In this blog post, Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy interviews Brian Marr on results he is seeing in Texas with hydroseeders and Holganix products. Brian Marr is the Territory Manager for Texas, Colorado and the West Coast. Watch their 2-Minute video interview below or skip the video and read the highlights. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to access the video.


Rob McCoy, Holganix National Sales Manager - Brian, we have been hearing about the hydroseeders in Texas that have been picking up the Holganix product line, can you tell me what they are seeing?

Brian Marr, Holganix Territory Representative - We have seen hydroseeders really drawn to the product line because of the quick seed germination results and because, often times hydroseeders are dealing with poor soil conditions, and Holganix products can help remedy that. Hydroseeders are also seeing reduced call backs because of the better results.

Rob McCoy, Holganix National Sales Manager - How are the hydroseeders using the Holganix products?

Brian Marr, Holganix Territory Representative - Typically, hydroseeders are using a really simple recipe. Depending on their tank size, they are combining 4.5 gallons of Holganix Bio 800 Lawn with 5 bags of Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix 7-9-5, and 2.5 gallons of Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0 per acre. Recipes similar to this one can also be useful for landscapers doing aeration and overseeding.

Soil Smart Fertilizer Program

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Holganix Case Studies: 20% Yield Increase, Overall Healthier Crop

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James Wade, better known as Bubbah by friends has been farming his whole life. “Traditionally, I’ve been in cattle and hog production but we got into produce about eight years ago. It’s a lot of hard work, but we like it.” Bubbah is the proud owner of WW Farms in Alabama. They farm 40 acres of produce including tomato, cantaloupe, watermelon, peas, zucchini and most importantly, strawberries.

This year, another grower recommended that Bubbah use Holganix Agriculture (A Bio 800+ product) on his 10,000 strawberry plants and other crops. “I was told I’d increase yield and my friend was clearly a big believer in the product.” Holganix Agriculture harnesses the power of soil microbes to improve yield and build stronger, more resilient plants that can better handle stress.  

Bubbah applied the product through drip irrigation and, “our strawberries are just crazy. We saw a 20-to-25% increase in yield and the plants produced berries longer.” In fact, Bubbah confirms he has been able to pick berries approximately two weeks longer than neighboring growers. “My yields are heavier than my friends,” confirms Bubbah.

“I can also see a difference in the cucumbers and squash this year with Holganix Agriculture as compared to previous years’. They just look healthier,” explains Bubbah. And, Bubbah’s bell peppers have also been performing with Holganix Agriculture, “the size has been nice, they are just really healthy and beautiful looking peppers.”

While Bubbah has only been using Holganix Agriculture for one growing season, “I’m a believer in the product and will definitely keep using it.”  

About Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture

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Holganix Agriculture is a 100% organic plant probiotic that provides over 800 species of beneficial soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to grow healthy, resilient crops. In fact, Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete and diverse blend of beneficial microbes available on the market!

Holganix Agriculture promotes strong, extensive root systems, resulting in plants that are better able to find and use nutrients, minerals and water in your soil. By nurturing healthy plants, Holganix Agriculture helps maximize yield potential while ensuring your crop is better prepared to fight off and recover from seasonal stress.

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