Holganix Greater Green Goal [UPDATE]

In the summer, Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek would spend his weekends fishing ...
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16 Ways to Boost Sustainability At Your Lawn and Landscape Company

In honor of Earth Day next week, we’ve created a blog incorporating 16 ways ...
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Regenerative Agriculture: 5.5 Videos You Need To Watch

Amid an onslaught of transparency and sustainability trends, regenerative ...
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3 Take-Aways: Kevin Van Trump on Helping to Create Certainty in Uncertain Times

The Coronavirus pandemic has been churning up a lot of uncertainty for the ...
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Holganix Wins People's Choice Award

We are so grateful to announce that Holganix has been honored the “People’s ...
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Help Holganix Win! Radicle Challenge People's Choice Award

Help Holganix win the Radicle Challenge People's Choice Award by tuning in ...
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4 Videos To help You Grow your Lawn and Landscape Company

In this blog, we breakdown our most recent workshop on “Increasing Sales at ...
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Shrubbery Specialist: Stronger Plants; Fewer Chemicals Needed [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Mike and I met over a bed of azaleas,” explains Stephanie Whitehead ...
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Holganix Named Finalist At The Radicle Challenge by Corteva

From a record number of international submissions, Holganix has been named ...
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