Promoting vigor and color in your flowers

Nothing looks more beautiful in a garden than colorful, healthy flowers. ...
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Why Are Roots Important To Turf Health?

In plant health, roots are often neglected. As the saying goes, out of ...
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How can Holganix help with aeration?

During aeration, small plugs of soil are removed from the turf to loosen ...
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Turn up the heat! Using Holganix in a drought

As many of you are aware, drought and severe heat season is upon us! By ...
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What is agriculture?

“Ag is…” Agriculture means so many different things to so many different ...
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The Science Behind Holganix: What are dead zones?

Dead zones, also known as Hypoxia, occur when there isn’t enough oxygen to ...
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Marketing Hints and Tips: Upselling customers?

The marketing race in the lawn care world is in full swing! You’re doing ...
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Is organic fertilizer right for you?

Organic fertilizers are in “vogue” in turf management, especially for lawn ...
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