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At Holganix, one of our core values is sustainable growth - the growth of plants, people and companies. We are passionate about helping our customers learn about soil health, business strategy and more. That passion and our core values led us to create a this library of ebooks, white papers and recommended videos. To see all of our videos, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel here. 

Ebooks and White papers

Soil Science ebook

Digging Into Soil Science eBook

Within the natural world, there exists a complex balance among living organisms known as the soil food web. In this eBook you will explore how the soil food web supports healthy plants, the power of soil microbes, and soil type classifications. This ebook was written by Dr. Robert Neidermyer, the Director of Soil Science at Holganix.

Turf catalog

HGX Pro Turf & Ornamental Product Catalog

Our product catalog contains, information and testimonials on all of our products geared towards our turf and ornamental business including: lawn and landscape, golf course, sports turf, greenhouse, and more. 

Download our catalog for a peak at all of our turf and ornamental products.


Product Peformance

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture: Product Performance book

Does Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture really work? Don't ask us, as our growers! Download the Product Performance Book for a look at our curated pictures and data from commercial growers.

We will be updating this book every eight weeks to keep it up to date with information from the field.

holganix ingredients

Holganix Bio 800+ Ingredients List

Holganix Bio 800+ is filled to the brim with beneficial soil microorganisms, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build HEALTHIER plants that need less fertilizer and pesticides.

Download our Key Ingredients List to get the scoop on our key ingredients.

Holganix plant start application

Holganix Plant Start Program

Contractors that install plants have a challenge on their hands. Freshly installed plant often suffer from transplant shock and will struggle to take root and may eventually die. There is a solution! Contractors can utilize Holganix Bio 800+ products after installing a new plant. Download your plant start application directions. 


soil smart program

Holganix Soil Smart lawn Fertilizer Program

Our Soil Smart Programs are designed with your region in mind and are always reviewed by one of our PhD scientists before publishing. They are turnkey and create predictable results that are sustainable, creating plants/turf that are not only healthier, but produce results that last longer than results from traditional fertilizer programs. 

Technical Turf Roots

The Technical Turf Roots Report eBook

When it comes to nurturing healthy turf, very few industry professionals pay attention to what occurs below the surface.

Yet, maintaining a healthy root system is crucial to building a healthy plant. From feeding the plant to fending off disease, roots play an important role in plant health.


Third-Party Research Data

Need some additional information? Let's get granular! Access Holganix's data page for a look at Holganix's third-party research and university data on Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture and Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown.



Video Commercial

Need some additional information? Watch Holganix's 25-minute video commercial featuring Holganix CRO, Bryan Hansel, on Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture and Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown.


Holganix Videos

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