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When it comes to nurturing healthy turf, very few green industry professionals pay attention to what occurs below the surface. Yet, maintaining a healthy root system is crucial to building a healthy plant. From feeding the plant to fending off disease, roots play an important role in plant health.

Download Our "Technical Turf Roots Report" to learn how to use roots as a tool to grow healthy turf and how to make it one of your major considerations when designing your turf program. 

Holganix Bio 800+ Products develop root architecture

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7 ways Holganix Bio 800+ develops Roots

Dig deeper into Holganix Bio 800+ and how it develops turf roots. Watch our 35 minute webinar featuring Holganix Director of Plant & Soil Science, Dr. Robert Neidermyer for a conversation on the 7 ways Holganix Bio 800+ grows healthier turf roots. 

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Case Studies

With over 70 case studies across multiple industries, we have documented data from growers and turf professionals in the field.

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The Science

Our scientific philosophy begins with biology. By harness the power of soil microbes, we believe we deliver results naturally.

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The Data

We have invested millions into curating a library of university and third-party research. 

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