The Science

The Science Begins With The Soil

With a focus on biology as the solution to soil and plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering new methods of incorporating soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build resilient plants and healthier soils. 

Why does biology matter? Plant health begins with healthy soil that is teeming with microbial activity. Healthy soil helps maximize crop yield potential and turf performance. The soil ecosystem serves as a habitat, a sources of nutrients, and a protector from stress - all of which increase the plant's ability to flourish. That's why we at Holganix believe plant health and soil health are synonymous. 

Driven By Science; Harnessing Nature

Meet The Science Leadership Team

Dr David Stark

David Stark, Ph.D. President Holganix Agriculture

A Ph.D. Molecular Biologist and Biochemist, Dr. Stark's past career includes positions in Monsanto's leadership team. He became the President of Holganix Agriculture in 2015 to lead the company's efforts in the agriculture-space including commercial development, R&D and overseeing various studies. Dr. Stark has 26 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds nine patents. 

Barrett Ersek

Barrett Ersek, CEO and Founder Holganix

Barrett Ersek is the CEO and Founder of Holganix LLC. Prior to founding Holganix, Barrett built and sold two successful green industry businesses. He has also educated on business innovation across the globe, and has published his philosophy in a Harvard Business Review publication entitled Break Your Industry's Bottlenecks. Barrett has 3 patents in the green industry.

Dr Bob Neidermyer

Bob Neidermyer, Ph.D. Director of Plant & Soil Science

A Ph.D. in agronomy, Dr. Neidermyer's past career includes leadership positions at Uniroyal Crop Protection and Protein Science Corporation. Dr. Neidermyer became the Director of Plant & Soil Science in 2012. He manages Holganix's R&D, turf studies and quality control in the manufacturing process. Dr. Neidermyer holds 13 patents for various herbicides and plant growth regulants. 

Our Products Revolve Around Biology

Our flagship product line, Holganix Bio 800+ provides a complete ecosystem in a bottle, containing over 800 species of soil microbes among other ingredients. It's changing soil at a fundamental level and building a support system for your plant that will yield huge improvements in plant resilience. 

As our company evolves, so do our products. PB1PreBiotic Fertilizer and ProBiotic Fertilizer all nurture plant and soil health in their own unique ways. 

Holganix Bio 800+ Functions As A Plant Probiotic

Holganix Bio 800+ charges soils with microbes to build soil health and plant health naturally. The microbes in Bio 800+ stimulate healthy plant growth in foliage and roots, convert and release nutrients and improve the plants' ability to tolerate stress from weather, disease and traffic.

At Holganix, we believe that by caring for the soils, we can revolutionize the way the world grows - whether it's crops, turf or trees and ornamentals. 

How Holganix Works

Bio 800 Ingredients

what are the key ingredients?

Holganix Bio 800was built with the soil and plants in mind. Each ingredient is selected for its unique capabilities. The product contains over 800 species of soil microbes, over eight sources of microbe food and five sources of nutrient-enhancing technology.

Concentrated Compost Tea: Concentrated in a patented method, providing indigenous soil microbes that foster a biologically diverse soil ecosystem.

Humic & Fulvic Acids: Enhance seed germination and promotes root development and absorption of micronutrients.

Kelp: Stimulates uptake of plant nutrients, promotes seed germination and plant cell division.

Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae: Works with plant roots to assist with water and nutrient uptake.

Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria: Promotes plant growth, breaks down organic matter and solubilizes nutrients. 

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a dedicated, Scientific Approach

We have dedicated our company to the understanding of soil science- and have developed the Bio 800+ product line to ensure your soil is everything healthy soils were designed to be; teeming with diverse life that promotes plant performance. 

The Holganix Research and Development Team consists of scientists with over 97 years of experience in agriculture and agronomy. Our scientists also work with teams of scientific advisors and university researchers to validate and optimize Holganix technology.

Holganix is field- and lab-tested- for proven and reliable results in plant performance. University studies have researched and validated Holganix's performance advantage. Holganix products have been tested in the field by farmers, top tier PGA golf courses, professional sports fields and some of the world’s largest lawn care companies.

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