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Holganix Bio 800+ is filled to the brim with beneficial soil microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers to build HEALTHIER plants that need less fertilizer and pesticides. Download the Holganix Bio 800+ ingredient list to access our key ingredients and what those key ingredients can do for your plants.

Holganix Bio 800+ Products Are Driven By Science; Harness Nature


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Holganix Bio 800+ charges soil with over 800 species of soil microbes to improve plant performance. What does that mean for you?

That means you build soil and root health which translates to improved yield on crops, better playability on golf courses and a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides on lawns.

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Case Studies

With over 70 case studies across multiple industries, we have documented data from growers and turf professionals in the field.

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The Science

Our scientific philosophy begins with biology. By harness the power of soil microbes, we believe we deliver results naturally.

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The Data

We have invested millions into curating a library of university and third-party research. 

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