Recorded Webinars

Explore our webinars featuring interviews with customers using Holganix products. Hear about their Holganix experiences and best practices in the field. Learn about how they manage their plants and turf or build their businesses and organizations. 


Let's Talk Turf with Shannon Easter of Broken Sound Golf Club

Holganix sits down with Shannon Easter, the Director of Golf Maintenance and Environmental Sustainability at Broken Sound Golf Club. Shannon will discuss trends he is seeing in the golf industry and results he has seen in the field with Holganix Bio 800+ Golf product. 



  • Trends: An award-winning sustainability expert, Shannon Easter will discuss sustainability trends in the golf industry.

  • His Holganix Experience: Learn about the results Shannon has seen in the field with Holganix Bio 800+ Golf product and how he uses it at the course.

  • Audience Q&A: Attendees will have access to Shannon Easter and Barrett Ersek at the end of the webinar for Q&A.


Let's Talk Turf with GrowinGreen Lawn Care

Holganix CEO, Barrett Ersek sits down with Holganix customer, Jonathan Rigsbee the "Turf Commander" at GrowinGreen Lawn Care.

In the webinar, they discuss (1) Results Jonathan has seen with Holganix Lawn and Holganix Tree & Shrub, AND (2) Tips for growing a lawn care company in 2019. 



  • Product Overview: Learn about Holganix products and how they function.

  • Results From GrowinGreen: GrowinGreen has been using Holganix Lawn and Holganix Tree & Shrub for several years now; hear about their results with both products.

  • Tips For Growing A Lawn Care Company: GrowinGreen is a growing enterprise, learn strategies to grow your business from both Jonathan and Barrett. 


Let's Talk Turf with Lakeside Sod

The webinar features an interview with Mike Braddell, Farm Operations Manager at Lakeside Sod


How was Mike Braddell of Lakeside Sod Farm in Buffalo, New York able to cut his harvest time by over 40%? According to Mike, he attributes that success to using Holganix Bio 800+. Join us for an interactive presentation on Holganix Bio 800+ and how Mike has utilized the product to improve the quality of his sod. This webinar will feature Rob McCoy - Holganix Representative, Dr. Robert Neidermyer - Holganix Director of Plant and Soil Science and Mike Braddell - Farm Operations Manager for Lakeside Sod.


Let's Talk Turf and Business with UltraGreen

The webinar features UltraGreen owners Caleb Ault and Josh Bryan


Want to learn more about Holganix? Let's Talk Turf is a webinar series featuring an interactive question and answer session with a turf professional using Holganix in the field. All questions are fair game! This month's interview stars Caleb Ault of UltraGreen. Caleb's company is grow fast and he's using Holganix as a tool to differentiate him from the competition. Learn about Caleb's marketing tactics and the results he has seen in the field. UltraGreen is located in Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida. 


Let's Talk Flowers and Ornamentals with Brandon Haley, Groundskeeper

This webinar features Red Diamond Grounds Manager, Brandon Haley


Sit down with Red Diamond Grounds Manager, Brandon Haley, winner of PGMS Green Star Award for Best Maintained Landscape and discuss how Holganix Bloom has been instrumental in his turf and plant care program. Then, learn Brandon's tricks of the trade and incorporate them in your turf and plant care programs to boost the look of your properties.


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Let's Talk Turf with Russ MacPhail, Superintendent

This webinar featured Russ MacPhail, Golf Course Superintendent of Garden City Country Club, Garden City, NY


We swung back to a cool season course for the first Golf Webinar of 2016! Join us as we learn from Russ MacPhail how balancing his soil carbon and sustaining microbial activity has provided more efficient utilization of soil nutrients and water, especially during less than favorable environmental conditions.  With less plant stress, Garden City CC has experienced a reduction in disease severity and quicker turf recovery. All of these plant enhancements have led to measurable input reductions of nitrogen based fertilizer, irrigation water and pesticide usage, which is of particular importance with the unique environmental sensitivites associated with Long Island.


Let's Talk Turf with Andrew Gabries, Go Green Lawn Service 

This webinar is hosted by Go Green's Andrew Gabries and Holganix Head of Marketing, Nicole Wise


Learn how beautiful grass, great customer service and standing out from the crowd led Andrew Gabries to 1500+ lawn care customers before the age of 30! His company, Go Green Lawn Services, has mastered the basics of running a successful business, including differentiating from his competitors by incorporating Holganix, a 100% organic plant probiotic.


Let's Talk Turf with Paul B. Latshaw, Superintendent

This webinar is hosted by Muirfield Village Golf Club's Superintendent Paul B. Latshaw and Holganix Representative Rob Dillinger.


Holganix representative, Rob Dillinger sits down with Muirfield Village Golf Club's superintendent Paul B. Latshaw. Latshaw will discuss what he's seeing on the turf with Holganix. Dillinger will be asking tons of good questions but be sure to bring some of your own. This webinar is an interactive question and answer session.


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Let's Talk Turf With Clay Dubose, Superintendent


This webinar is hosted by Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island's Superintendent Clay Dubose and Holganix Representative Rob Dillinger.


Get an inside look at how Clay DuBose, CGCS, General Manager/Superintendent at The Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island, SC uses Holganix and the benefits he sees in rooting, playability and overall soil health. Learn why he always incorporates Holganix, the #1 plant probiotic, when overseeding each year. Clay is a big Twitter proponent, tweeting the good, bad and the ugly daily to engage with others in the golf industry.