Holganix Compatability List

With all the beneficial bionutrients integrated into Holganix, it is more than capable of functioning as a stand alone organic lawn care product. However, given the time necessary to build up nutrient levels in the soil, customers would have to wait patiently to see the desired results. Therefore, we recommend that users still integrate a small fraction (teaspoon vs. tablespoon) of their usual chemicals to provide customers with more immediate results.

However, it's important to keep in mind that some products are not compatible with Holganix.  

Please see the link below to search through our index of compatible and noncompatible products. If you don’t see one of your current or preferred synthetic products listed here, please contact us via email or by calling 866-563-2784 and we will investigate compatibility and offer additional recommendations.


Please click on the below link to find our index of compatabile products.