Holganix Is The Environmentally Friendly, Distributor-Friendly Lawn Care Solution.

Holganix is a revolutionary product that not only makes lawns and trees grow -- it makes lawn care distributorships grow! Holganix has a better profit margin than traditional lawn care products; and its unique formula creates lush green, weed-free, disease-free lawns and trees while reducing the need for nitrate and phosphate fertilizers and pesticides.  

With Holganix, you’ll have a solid solution that:

  • helps your customers differentiate their business with a unique product that is NOT A COMMODITY
  • provides the resources, tools and tips to help grow your business and your customers’ businesses

Holganix helps your customers reduce chemical usage by up to 90%. Because it helps pesticide products work more effectively, your customers will save up to 30% on product costs. And they could save up to 50% on labor costs when Holganix is applied according to our advised standards.

  • Holganix is a non-poisonous, food-grade edible soil stimulant that is “Blue Water Approved,” bay and lake safe.
  • The price of Holganix is stable -- pricing does not depend on petroleum or urea costs.
  • Holganix requires less storage space – it can be stored in the space of one refrigerator instead of ½ of a tractor-trailer load.
  • Holganix is simple to store in easy-to-handle jugs.
  • Holganix is non-flammable -- it’s safer to store and transport.
  • We make the transition from dried to liquid products an easy, turnkey operation -- we provide all the information your buyers will need.

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