27+ Photos From Farmers Using Holganix Bio 800 Agriculture

In 2019, Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture was distributed through 17 dealers across the U.S. and Canada. We are so grateful for our dealer-partners as we spread the Holganix message across North American farmland. Together, we are preserving and nourishing the waters and soils so it can be passed down to future generations - all while helping farmers increase their crop yield.

As we begin 2020, we’ve curated dozens of photos from our partners of cropland treated with Holganix Bio 800+. Whether our farmers were growing corn, soybean, peppers, wheat or something else entirely, they are reporting increased root mass, increased crop yield, and faster establishment.

Take a look at Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture represented through the photos of our partners! 

Infographic holganix results

Want to dig into the details behind these photos?

For a deeper dive into our results in the field and for additional photos from our 2020 season, download our new, product performance book! 

Download: Holganix Performance Book

Join Us For An Interactive Webinar: Holganix Bio 800+ Results and Data

For growers using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture, an increase in yield and soil health has led to an increase ROI on crops. 

For example, a Missouri researcher shows a 21.1 bushel increase with Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture and reports that his Holganix corn plots are "the best looking corn plots on the farm." For a California researcher, his strawberry crop saw more and larger strawberries providing a ~$3,000 per acre net revenue increase. 

Attend our upcoming webinar for an overview of our data and results! This webinar is scheduled for January 28 at 2:00 EST and features Holganix President of Agriculture, David Stark, PhD as the host! 

Register: Holganix Bio 800+ Webinar

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