The Science Behind Holganix: Is Your Component Compatible With Holganix Products?


As many Holganix users know, most components (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers) are compatible with Holganix Bio 800+. In fact, when using Holganix Bio 800+ in combination with many components substantial rate reductions can be made, allowing you to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. 

However, some products can't be tank-mixed with Holganix Bio 800+ and should be applied with the understanding that it can negatively impact some of the biology within Holganix Bio 800+. Why shouldn't you tank-mix certain components with Holganix Bio 800+? According to the inventor of Holganix Bio 800+, Stephen T. Lange, there are two key reasons why certain products simply don’t mesh well with Holganix Bio 800+.


Reason number one:

Certain pesticides, herbicides and fungicides kill the biology within Holganix Bio 800+ (and the soil for that matter)

The thing that makes Holganix Bio 800+ special is that the product contains over 800 species of diverse, beneficial microorganisms that help plants grow. Certain pesticides, herbicides and fungicides kill the biology- these living microbes- within Holganix Bio 800+.

Whether or not a component can be tank mixed with Holganix Bio 800+ depends on that components’ chemistry and the ingredients it contains. After all, not every pesticide, herbicide or fungicide is harmful to Holganix Bio 800+. In fact, those components that do function with Holganix Bio 800+, work better with longer lasting results.

If you would like to use one of these harmful components, please apply separately and do not tank-mix.


Reason number two:

Stay away from Anerobically digesting components

Anerobically digested solutions are oxygen stealers, eating all oxygen molecules. While aerobically digested solutions both thrive off of and produce oxygen. Many of the ingredients within Holganix Bio 800+ are aerobic and therefore cannot function with large populations of anerobicically digested components. This means that anerobically digested forms of compost, compost teas and kelp based products to just name a few, cannot function with Holganix Bio 800+. Having small amounts of anerobically digested organisms aren’t harmful and are in fact important to maintaining the natural ratio of 4:1 (aerobic to anaerobic organisms) within the soil ecosystem. However, large populations of anerobically digested organisms can be detrimental to your success with Holganix Bio 800+.


Make sure your using the right component with Holganix Bio 800+!

To see if the component you are using is safe to use, visit this website page where we provide a list of components and the appropriate rates at which to use them with Holganix Bio 800+.

If you are looking for a component not on our compatibility list, submit a contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list! 

Posted by Nicole Wise on Sep 24, 2013 11:09:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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