Marketing Hints and Tips: Creating the Ultimate Direct Mailing Piece

Marketing Hints and Tips

Entry 29: Creating the Ultimate Direct Mailing Piece


As you start daydreaming about your newest direct mailing for marketing in 2013, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Think “purple cow!”  In his book, The Purple Cow, Seth Godin calls boring companies and advertisements brown cows, and remarkable companies and advertisements purple cows. A purple cow is a product, company or advertisement that is unique and remarkable; it’s something that grabs your attention and won’t let go. Make your direct mailing remarkable and worth talking about to entice new customers.
  2. Keep it simple, stupid. Creating a remarkable direct mailing is important, but don’t clutter your piece with useless images or information. Try utilizing bullets or bolding important words so prospects can skim over your mailing and still get the message. Also focus your mailing on one revenue line that you want to push. Create a unique yet simple layout to win.
  3. Discounts rule. Consider listing a juicy discount or free service to entice frugal prospects. Give them a reason to try you out in the beginning, win their hearts, and make a profit in the long run.
  4. Remember golden streets. Your golden streets are where your most profitable customers live. Focus your attention on these key neighborhoods and streets and rope in their equally profitable neighbors. It’s a great way to build density, cut down on windshield time (the time your guys spend driving to and from customer houses) and increase profits.
  5. Go after friends first. Send a mailing campaign to your current and past customers as well as people who requested an estimate but didn’t close first to either add on services or bring back an old customer. These are the individuals that already know and trust your company and will be the easiest to win over.


Posted by Nicole Wise on Jan 3, 2013 1:30:00 PM

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