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Social Media for Lawn Care Companies: Twitter and Pinterest


At Holganix, we’ve been participating in social media for the last year and a half. After 18 months of researching and speaking with other social media users in the lawn care industry, we are starting to unravel the chaos that is social media. We’ve made mistakes (and are still making them) and learned from them. Now we’re here to share with you all the tips and hints we’ve come across. After all, as Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek likes to say, “Wise men learn from their experiences, but super wise men learn from the experiences of others.” Feel free to learn from our mistakes and in return if you have a tip to offer or a question to ask, post away at the bottom of this article! Also, if you haven’t already, check out our last blog entry about Facebook.

Before I launch into a series of tips and mistakes learned, consider checking out this link to my social media teacher, Hubspot. They have a ton of awesome white papers and ebooks for free! They really helped us navigate the social media chaos.



So what is Twitter? Twitter is an odd animal for sure. Somehow, we are supposed to express a single thought or offer in all of 70 characters. Yet, Twitter is a wildfire of activity and certainly isn’t something to miss out on. If having more than one social media tool sounds intimidating (after all, I’m asking you to figure out Facebook and now Twitter), don’t worry! You can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page, allowing your Facebook posts to automatically turn into tweets and tweeter (or twitter?) away on your company’s Twitter account. It will save you time and a headache.



Pinterest revolves around the use of images (both personal and those found on the Internet) to create corkboards. It’s kind of like creating a scrapbook or collage. At the moment, we aren’t utilizing this tool at Holganix, since our audience tends to be professionals as opposed to homeowners in the lawn care, golf, sports turf or agriculture industry. However, it may be of interest to you, especially since people supposedly spend more time on Pinterest than most other social networks and about 70% of users have disposable income. Most Pinterest users are in fact women (at about 80%) and many are between 24 and 55 years old. Can’t you picture creating the perfect landscape corkboard? There are some great tips for businesses looking to get into Pinterest here.


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Posted by Nicole Wise on Mar 7, 2013 11:06:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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