The Science Behind Holganix: Holganix Bloom 101

 The Science Behind Holganix:

Holganix Bloom 101

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April showers may bring flowers. But it isn’t just the rain that helps create beautiful, vivacious flowers; there are a lot of Mother Nature’s mysteries at work. In the below webinar, Dr. Neidermyer, the Director of Plant and Soil Sciences discusses the science behind healthy flowers and delves into Holganix’s newest product: Bloom. Here are the top five takeaways from his presentation:


1.    Roots, roots, roots!

Roots are immensely important to flower health. In general, roots carry 24-30% of the plant’s weight and are responsible for supporting the plant as well as the uptake of water and nutrients.


2.    Summon the microorganisms 

The plant secretes things like organic acids, sugars, polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids and enzymes to attract beneficial microorganisms and to help balance the pH of the soil. See below for additional reasons why microorganisms are so important.


3.    Microorganisms rock!

Microorganisms protect the flower from pathogens and help influence the plant’s behavior. They are also responsible for NUE, or nitrogen use efficiency, ensuring your plant gets the nitrogen it needs.


4.    What’s in the jug?

Holganix Bloom is a concentrated compost tea selected to promote flowering. The ingredients in the compost favor bacteria over fungi in order to prevent damping off.


5.    What are the benefits?

Specifically, Holganix promotes 5 key components to flower health: bud initiation, bud growth, flower initiation, flowering size and color intensity. 



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