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In 2011, Friends Academy, a Quaker school in Locust Valley, New York was one of many schools to get hit by “The Child Safe Playing Fields Act” which banned pesticide use on school fields. “It changed the way we were keeping our turf strong and healthy,” says Chris Semlies, Facility Director of Friends Academy. “We looked at lots of different organic options but they were expensive.”

That’s when he stumbled across Holganix, a 100% organic, bionutritional plant and turf fertility product. Holganix allows you to effectively utilize 75% less synethetic inputs while still achieving optimal plant health. For Semlies, Holganix was more cost effective than other organics and gave a broader range of benefits – promoting plant health and growth. In turn, healthier plants are better able to suppress insect and disease.

“We are not only complying with the law, but we are doing a more effective job at building a healthy, strong and resilient turf while fulfilling a core Quaker value: being good stewards to the environment.”

Semlies reports that he’s seen a definite difference in using Holganix on his turf. The turf has been healthier and better able to withstand foot traffic. The roots have also been significantly deeper.

“The best part is,” says Semlies, “multiple coaches say their fields are looking and playing better than ever before. All of this is possible while limiting our environmental footprint and providing healthier playing conditions for students.”

Holganix entered the Long Island market in 2013 and already 22 local golf courses have made Holganix part of their annual program. Nassau Suffolk Turf Services is the sole distributor in the Long Island market. “We cautiously introduced Holganix to the long Island Golf community in 2013,” says Bob Mele, CEO and Founder of Nassau Suffolk Turf Services.

“The results seen on golf courses were eye opening,” affirms Bob. Traditionally in turf care, organic fertilizers have been inferior to synthetics and have cost turf professionals an arm and a leg. Mele believes that modern day bionutritional products defy this stereotype. University studies and customer case studies back Mele’s belief.

“Bionutritional products like Holganix are about maximizing the effect we have on turf health,” says Barrett Ersek, CEO of Holganix. At the same time, Holganix allows landscapers and other turf professionals to shift to a more organic approach to turf health.

“It’s not only good for the environment and escape strict government regulations, but it also allows landscapers to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering something to their customers that no one else has.”

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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Aug 28, 2014 1:47:00 PM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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