Organic pesticides? Here are 4 recommendations!


When it comes to protecting your turf and plants, you have a lot of tools in your arsenal. Chemical pesticides are effective tools to do the job, but recent sustainability trends and government legislation within the industry are pushing us to look at environmentally friendly methods of protecting our plants from harm. Practices that nurture stronger, more resilient plants result in plants that are better equipped to withstand insect and disease pressure.

Adding certain key components to your turf or garden program, will enable you to reduce pesticide usage by up to 50% and still obtain results typically had with chemical pesticides.



These single-celled, animal like organisms move around in soil and eat bacteria (harmful and benign). In the process of digestion and upon their death, protozoa release nutrients to the soil. In other words, protozoa can eat harmful bacteria and feed your plants simultaneously! Holganix refrigerated liquid products contain protozoa.



While there are both good and bad nematodes, the good nematodes eat bad nematodes that eat roots and microorganisms that cause disease. Nematodes are a normal member of most soil communities.

Holganix refrigerated liquid products contain several types of beneficial nematodes. Click here to learn more about Holganix and nematodes.


Essential oils

Many essential oils including tea tree oil and rosemary oil act as natural insect deterents. Holganix refrigerated liquid contains these oils.



Fungi are a contributing member of the microorganism community in soils.

Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma are two types of fungi that live in association with roots. These fungi form a fungal mass around plant roots and have root like appendages (mycelium) that run from the roots. This mass around the roots provides protection from root pests, and the long appendages act as “straws” bringing water and nutrients to the roots.

The result is strong healthy roots that contribute to a strong and healthy turf. This enables the turf to compete against weeds for space in your lawn. Holganix refrigerated liquid adds both mycorrhizae and Trichoderma to your soil.

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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