Download:  Holganix Launch In A Box 

12 Marketing tools to use during your Holganix launch

New to the Holganix community? Or, just looking to add Holganix to your marketing strategy? Great! This marketing box is for you.

Communicating Holganix to prospects and current customers can be difficult. The Holganix launch box includes content that helps you communicate why your lawn and landscape company is special for using Holganix.



  • Swipe our free brochure that talks about the benefits of Holganix from a homeowners' prospective

  • Poach website copy that talks about Holganix

  • Loot blogs written specifically with the homeowner in mind 

  • Ransack designs for post cards, yard signs and door hangers

  • Pirate social media posts 

  • Steal a letter designed to announce Holganix to current customers