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Each postcard you was designed with your company in mind. Please feel free to download copies and "borrow" the designs for use in your next marketing campaign. However, before sending these creative mailers out please contact Kaitlyn Ersek and notify her of their intended use. Email:

Holganix Products Give You A Competitive Edge

transplant shock

Video: Lawn Care Marketing Sales & Marketing Tactics

In this 5-minute video, Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek digs into some of his favorite sales and marketing tactics for building a lawn and landscape company. For Barrett, sales success starts with identifying the right list of prospects, then leveraging the right offer to reel in those prospects and turn them into customers.

Watch the video to learn more. 


Popular Marketing Support Tools By Holganix

homeowner brochure

Holganix Homeowner Brochure

This brochure is a great introduction piece to discuss why your company is different because you use Holganix products. It is designed to fit in an ordinary-sized envelope and can be customizable for your business. Just provide your company information and any additional alterations and our graphic designer will complete the project for you. All you have to do is hit print!

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soil smart fertilizer

Holganix Soil Smart Lawn Fertilizer Program

Our Soil Smart Programs are designed with your region in mind and are always reviewed by one of our PhD scientists before publishing. They are turnkey and create predictable results that are sustainable, creating plants/turf that are not only healthier, but produce results that last longer than results from traditional fertilizer programs.

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Tree & Shrub marketing ebook

How To Add A Tree & Shrub Services Ebook

Did you know that 10-to-30% of your current customer would sign up for a tree and shrub service? Adding a tree and shrub service is like new found money! Download our eBook to learn how to market the service, how to price the applications, and a list of materials to help you get started.

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