Soil Health Tour

We are hitting the road this summer to provide current Holganix users, and their neighbors, with soil health testing - FOR FREE!

Our agronomic team will be in:
  • Chesapeake Bay June 11th & 12th
    (White Hall, MD area)
  • Southwest Nebraska June 19th & 20th
    (Lamar - Imperial, NE area)
  • Mid Northwest Illinois June 25th & 26th
    (Dahinda - Peoria, IL area)
  • Mid Missouri July 10th & 11th
    (Richmond - Carollton, MO area)
  • Mid-East South Dakota July 17th-18th
    (Lake Preston, SD area)
  • Southwest Kansas July 23rd & 24th
    (Hugoton - Copeland - Plains, KS area)

We will reasonably be able to travel within about an hour radius of each of these locations. After collecting the data, we'll meet back at the dealer's barn for an after-party. Enjoy burgers on the grill, drink a couple of beers, and review the results with us.

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Location not on the list?

We plan to do a soil tour each year after planting and again before harvest, so keep an eye out for Fall and Summer '25 dates.

What soil tests are we providing?

We will be testing with the Chrysalabs probe to provide standard soil properties, macro, and micro-nutrients. We will also do a MicroBIOMETER test to measure microbial activity. Select locations will receive a lab analysis.

How do you get your results?

You must either be present at the time of data collection or attend the after-party at our farmer dealer's location to receive your data printout.

How many tests can you expect? 

Parameters for amount of soil testing


  • To receive a soil health test, you must provide us with your field boundaries. Holganix or a Holganix dealer will follow up with you to guide you in the collection process.
  • Holganix will provide free soil health tests to only the select geographies listed above.
  • Soil health tests are provided on a first come first, first serve basis. We will run out of free tests.

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