Meet Blue Sky - Our Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

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 What is Holganix Blue Sky?

Like other Holganix products, Holganix Blue Sky works with the soil food web to contribute to soil health. The recipe combines 60% slow release nitrogen with 40% quick release urea nitrogen sources and the imperative Holganix food sources for soil microbiology.

This combination recipe allows for the optimum usage of the nitrogen while also activating the soil biology by providing food sources. This balanced approach: quick-release nitrogen, slow-release nitrogen and additional food sources, optimizes the soil food web by making food more available to the plant.


What is in Holganix Blue Sky?



How does Blue Sky work?

Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer products usually have 3 molecular chains of nitrogen and carbon. The longer the molecular chain means a slower release of nitrogen.

The unique feature within Blue Sky is that the ingredients within the recipe encapsulate molecules in each chain creating a fourth chain. The urea has a very short chain, breaking down quickly and immediately releasing the nitrogen. The methelyne urea, triazone and the new chain are longer in varying degrees, slowly breaking down over time, spoon-feeding the plant when needed.


Holganix Blue Sky Product Characteristics

  • Blue Sky has low salt content (.016%), giving it a low leaf burn potential from foliar applications

  • Close to a neutral product pH of 8.1 (tank mixes well with other elements)


Want to get even better results? Pairing Holganix Blue Sky with Holganix Liquid

When you combine the nitrogen sources and biological food sources of Holganix Blue Sky with the microorganisms contained in Holganix Liquid, you get an innovative medley filled with plant health benefits. They go together like peanut butter and jelly! If you are using Blue Sky, pick up a jug of refrigerated, probiotic filled Holganix to boost results. 

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Want to Learn More?

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