Holganix case Study: Bigger Biomass? Healthier Cannabis Plants?


When a cannabis grower in Tulsa, Oklahoma was looking for fertilizer options, he started to research Holganix products. The primary question was, could a Holganix product help increase yield and overall plant health?  

“I teamed up with Holganix’s local territory manager, Chris Knapp, who enrolled members of the Holganix science team,” explains the grower. “Our goal was to create a special Holganix Granular SKU with an analysis of 7-18-10 that was infused with Holganix’s soil microbes.”  

The grower was working with two Indica dominant hybrid strains, specifically, the Gushers x Mai Tai and Lemon Headband strains. He had conducted an experiment to test the product against a control. “All strains were from the same mother plant and were grown in all the same exact conditions and feeding schedules.” 

So far, the results look promising! “Within two weeks of applying the product, there was a very noticeable difference in the color and overall health of the plant,” explains the grower. The biomass also seems larger in the Holganix-treated plants. 


“The experiment is still early,” says the grower. “We are excited to see if the Holganix-treated plants continue to show health improvements and eventually whether they show a yield increase and difference in THC.”  

As the experiment progresses – Holganix will continue to update this blog. Stay tuned for more information about this ongoing experiment. 


Growing Cannabis? Dig into the Holganix Products! 

If you are growing cannabis and looking for increased yield and an overall healthier plant, Holganix products will deliver. With a focus on biology as the solution to soil and plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering new methods of incorporating soil microbes to build resilient plants and healthier soils.  

Why does biology matter? Plant health begins with healthy soil that is teeming with microbial activity. The soil ecosystem serves as a habitat, a source of nutrients, and a protector from stress; all of which increase the plant’s ability to flourish.  

The Science Behind Holganix 

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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Oct 7, 2021 11:25:02 AM

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