Dig Up Your Roots, Snap a picture, and WIN Holganix Swag

rootsHarness the power of Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture microbes and show off your roots! 

Holganix has launched its annual roots competition, which is open to farmers, landscapers, lawn care companies, sports turf managers, golf course superintendents, nurseries, and greenhouses. 

For each picture submitted, you win a Holganix-branded hat. If you submit a video, you win a Holganix branded Carhartt backpack. Plus, each month we will award a Holganix-branded Carhartt cooler for "Best Picture" in each of the following categories: 

1. Corn 

2. Soybeans 

3. Golf/Sports Turf

4. Lawn 

5. Specialty Plant Type 

The competition is from May 20th through October 1st, 2022, and is open to all Holganix customers. 

Submit your photos via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using @Holganix. You can also submit your photos via email or phone using rpatel@holganix.com or 610-322-2521. 


Check out these Roots! 

Holganix has been conducting the annual roots competition since 2014. Check out the collage below, featuring submissions from previous years. 

soybean roots





corn roots


Why Roots Matter? 

Healthy root architecture is a sign of plant wellness. Deeper, more extensive roots build soil health for generations of successful farming and turf management. 

Root systems, which consist of one-fourth to one-third of a plant’s dry weight, oversee important functions for the plant. If a plant's root system is unhealthy, it can pose serious consequences for the plant.  

According to Colorado State University, "Eighty percent of all plant disorders are soil/root problems." This means we need to pause and give roots the attention they deserve.  

Why do roots matter? Roots carry out three key functions:  

  1. Anchoring and Supporting the Plant 

    A plant becomes stable because of its roots, which safely hook the plant into the soil. Healthy root systems also lessen the threat of soil erosion.   

  2. Absorbing and Conducting Water and Nutrients Through the Plant

    Nutrients and water enter the plant through its roots, which means a vast root system is key for tapping into available nutrients and water within the soil. For farmers, when roots can reach these sources of nutrients and water, the better likelihood of producing a higher yield. For turf managers, increased access to nutrients and water means a greener, thicker turf system. 

  3. Stress Tolerance 

When Mother Nature comes calling, plants with healthier root systems have the advantage over plants with weak root systems. This applies not only to weather conditions, like a hot, dry summer or strong winds, but also to pests and disease. In fact, healthy roots react faster to pesticides and fungicides than unhealthy root systems.


Using Microbials to Improve Soil Health

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture charges soil with over 800 species of soil microbes to improve plant performance.

What does this mean for you?

This means building increased soil and root health, adding the benefits of better soil structure to whatever soil type you have. Ultimately, this translates to an improved yield on crops, better playability on golf courses, and a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides on turf and crops. 

Learn more about the science behind Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture below.

The Science Behind Holganix 

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